Thursday, 29 June 2017

Tohoku Tourismn - Surrounded by fresh green nature - Oirase Stream Aomori Prefecture

From Aomori Prefecture Towada City, Towada Lake ’’Nenokuchi (子ノ口)’’ to the ’’Yakeyama(焼山)’’, there is a renowned clear stream about 14 km - Oirase Stream, which is covered with deep natural forests. 

The landscape is full of dynamism giving birth to the ever-changing stream. 

The cliffs near to the coast are welded tuff which is generated by piled stones and volcanic ash deposited at high temperature. 

And it gives an impressing landscape to the pretty Oirase Stream. 

And summer is the most recommended season to go in my view. 

I was so healed by a forest bath in this green tunnel interwined with clear stream and fresh forest, and it was truly inspiring!

Please find a chance to wander along this Oirase stream while being fascinated by forest beauty!

◆ Promenade
· Yakeyama ~ Nenokuchi 14 km (4 hours on foot / 1 hour 30 minutes ~ 2 hours by bicycle)
· Ishigedo - Nenokuchi 8.9km (about 2 hours 40 minutes on foot)
◆Comfortable Bicycle Cycling
You can experience the relaxing cycling through the Oirase Stream with a rental bicycle.
◆ Access
About 2 hours by JR bus from JR Shin Aomori station
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