Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Korea Tourism Offers Discount Coupons for Visitors To Korea

Korea Tourism Organization in conjunction with the current worldwide PSY Wiki Korea promotional campaign is giving away discount coupons to the value of 10,000 Korean won per passenger (approx. A$10) So, if you are a family of four then $A40 cash might come in handy on your travels.

For travelers planning to visit Korea between now and the 29th December, 2013 it's just a matter of visiting or emailing the Sydney office of Korea Tourism Organization with a scanned copy of your air ticket/s to Korea to receive two discount coupons (total value 10,000 Korean won) which can then be used at various affiliated stores, restaurants etc. in Korea.

So whether you are planning to enjoy some nightlife in the clubs of Hongdae or enjoy a Korean BBQ at a Samgyeopsal specialty restaurant, try some yummy Korean pancakes or make a purchase at some of Korea's famous cosmetic houses you can save with the discount coupons as well as get further special offers instore.

PSY's 'Wiki Korea' plans to encourage millions of potential travelers worldwide to discover the unique aspects that only Korea has to offer its visitors.

PSY's 'Wiki Korea' introduces six different experiences to be enjoyed by foreigners to the country through a series of video clips and online campaigns. The categories covered are 'Food, Fun & Shopping'.

To see and learn more about the PSY Wiki Korea campaign check out the Sydney office website for Korea Tourism Organization: http://www.koreabeinspired.com.au/

To claim your discount coupons it's as simple as sending a scanned copy of your air ticket to Korea with your name and address to the following email address: visitkorea@knto.org.au

Your discount coupons will then be mailed directly to you so you can take advantage of them while travelling in Korea. This discount coupon offer can only be redeemed at the affiliated stores in Korea which are listed in the booklet supplied with the coupons.

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