Monday, 12 June 2017

Christchurch City - Winter 'Must Do' Guide

Capture the sunrise at New Brighton Beach
Winter is coming! Don't spend all your time rugged up at home, the crisp, cool days of winter is the perfect time to get out an explore the city.

Sunrise at New Brighton Beach

They say the early bird catches the worm and there's no better way to start the day than enjoying the sunrise at New Brighton Beach. Set the alarm, get up early and be treated to a picture postcard scenery - be sure to take the camera!

Hot tip! Just before the sun rises, the temperature drops and the sand freezes creating beautiful patterns - simply magic!

Mt Herbert Snow Walk

Mt Herbert is the highest point on Banks Peninsula and in winter often covered with a sprinkle of snow. Be the first to leave footprints in the snow while walking up. The view from the top rewards everyone who tackles the 6 hour walk: Lyttelton Harbour, the Port Hills with the Southern Alps in the background - the ideal setting to take stunning photos.

Ice Skating

Christchurch is home to an indoor ice rink perfect for ice skating or playing ice hockey. Whether you're experienced showing off your pirouette skills or a beginner trying to stay upright, it's a great indoor activity when the weathers not playing ball outside. On the weekend be treated to a fast-paced and action-packed New Zealand Ice Hockey League game.

Night Sky

The night sky in the Southern Hemisphere is astonishing. Because the nights are clearer in winter and it gets darker earlier, it’s a good time of the year to observe the stars. The view from the Godley Head Reserve or Sugarloaf is beautiful and perfect to enjoy the night sky if in the city.

Hot tip! As there is some light pollution it’s worth driving further out of the city. The Canterbury Astronomycal Society run informative star gazing sessions in West Melton. Want to become a Skyentist? Join their session and learn about different constellations, closest stars and other galactic oddities.

Festival of Lights

Winter is the darkest of the seasons, but there are ways to light it up. Matariki, the Festival of Lights is on in mid-June and is the celebration of the Maori New Year. Lyttelton’s London Street turns into a market with different food stalls, selling food and hot mulled wine and the highlight of the evening: An epic firework.

Movie Night

Snuggle into your seat and enjoy a good movie with good friends: In Christchurch we have a few boutique cinemas where going to the movies is a completely different experience: Alice Cinematheque & Deluxe Cinema sell wine and a cheese board to enjoy during the movie!

Local's Tip: Instead of going to the movies, why not visiting one of the shows at the Isaac Theatre Royal?

Ready to experience more of winter? Check out Canterbury's Winter Wonderland.

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