Friday, 30 June 2017

Staging Connections’ exclusive Masterclass presents the latest event industry innovations

Staging Connections held their second Masterclass at Hilton Brisbane earlier this month, attended by 150 event organisers, PCOs, corporate buyers, partners, team members and management, to learn about event trends and new products and technologies designed to engage the senses, to deliver a superior guest experience.

The Masterclass enthralled guests, demonstrating the importance of engaging all five senses – touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing, plus demonstrating Staging Connections’ latest products and technology to achieve this. The presentations showed the event planners attending how powerful it is to engage all senses and the many different ways this can be achieved to make events more memorable and messaging more effective.

The technologies and production examples presented included 2D and 3D projection mapping, virtual reality, social media engagement, innovative set designs, rendering technology and video fly-throughs, multimedia and animation, touch screens, interactive presentation technology, gesture control, mobile apps, webcasting and streaming, bespoke styling, illuminated event backdrop and Staging Connections’ new scenic panel product.

A unique stage set was created to deliver a sensational visual feast. A combination of seven custom Hexagon panels with two extra large side screens were used to form one interconnected projection canvas. Custom-designed multimedia content, visually representing the five senses theme and designed by Staging Connections’ in-house motion graphics designer, played back using the latest Dataton Watchout V6 media server and Barco Multiscreen Switch gear, feeding Panasonic 10K Full HD Projectors, and delivering seamless vision across all 9 surfaces.

The Ballroom was transformed using decorative fleur panels, up-lit with new battery LED lights, to create a unique textural room divider. Intelligent lighting highlighted key areas and created dramatic atmosphere, including; lighting wash on black drapes, moving lights ballyhoo during lucky prize draws, and fusion bars with Staging Connections new scenic panels creating striking, effortless class. Full control of the lighting atmosphere was achieved through the use of a GrandMA2 Lighting Console driving multiple LED lighting fixtures and interfacing with the Hilton’s architectural roof LED system.

Sound was a key component of the multimedia content, to ensure the sense of hearing was tantalised. Audio was delivered via a Yamaha QL1 Audio desk driving a Meyer Sound System custom designed for the Hilton. Instead of traditional hand-held microphones for the Q&A session, speaker lapels, Staging Connections new SpeakUp! Microphones and Event Poll were used.

The styling and design team presented a beautiful Tuscan-style vineyard, using a cellar door design illuminated 3D Event Backdrop, complete with wine barrel cocktail tables lit with lanterns and draped in ivy. The extra long central table was beautifully themed with Italian linen, log-based candelabras, twisted willow, lanterns, and real grapes. More faux grapes and foliage cascaded down from a vine suspended above the table to ensure the theme was all-encompassing.

Tim Chapman, General Manager, Digital - Staging Connections was excited to showcase the latest technologies and digital innovations in event production.

“The Masterclass showcased everything that is hot and new from Staging Connections and our parent company Freeman. It is a great way to engage with top event professionals and demonstrate how these products and technologies, like the gesture control and the latest examples of projection mapping could be integrated into their future events. Everyone seemed to love our new Scenic Panels product too.

“The team are always on the lookout for the latest and most innovative products and technologies globally, and this annual event enables us to share our findings and insights and provide our clients with the knowledge and tools to deliver world-class events,” said Mr Chapman.

Chris Partridge, General Manager, Hilton Brisbane, commented on the success of the event and the opportunity to work with the exclusive guest list.

“Working with Staging Connections is always easy; the team are seasoned professionals who know how to deliver above and beyond expectation. Being able to showcase our newly renovated function rooms to an exclusive group of event organisers was a great opportunity,” said Mr Partridge.

The Masterclass enabled Staging Connections to give back to the events industry by sharing their insights and knowledge into current and future trends and showcase one of their valued venue partners, Hilton Brisbane.

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