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Experience the simple luxury of Tenku no Mori in Japan

Leave behind the hustle of city life as you experience the simple luxury of Tenku no Mori, located deep in the Kagoshima mountains.
Connect with nature in these luxurious villas with private onsen baths, meticulously hand-carved by the owner. 

Rediscover peace in the serene forest, explore the villa’s private edible garden, admire the volcanoes of Kirishima or go on a buggy adventure down the river. 

After a gourmet dinner, soak in a private onsen and enjoy the brilliant night sky. 

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Virginia Governor Northam Announces Fort Monroe Named Site of Memory Associated With UNESCO Slave Route Project

Governor Ralph Northam today announced that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated Fort Monroe as a Site of Memory Associated with the UNESCO Slave Route project. Fort Monroe shares this distinction with more than 50 other sites and entities linked to the history of the transatlantic slave trade. A historic marker will be placed on the grounds of the forthcoming African Landing Memorial at Fort Monroe. Governor Northam made the announcement at the newly-dedicated Fort Monroe Visitor and Education Center.

“Fort Monroe is among the most significant historic sites connected to the institution of slavery, African American history, and the struggle for freedom,” said Governor Northam. “In order to tell the full and true history of our Commonwealth, the stories of the people and the events that took place here must be more present in our collective narrative. This UNESCO designation is a meaningful and appropriate recognition of Fort Monroe that will anchor its place in history and support our ongoing work to promote a true accounting of the Black experience in Virginia and in America.”

In August of 1619, the first enslaved African people arrived in the English colonies in the Americas on a ship called the White Lion, landing at Point Comfort, the present site of Fort Monroe National Monument in Hampton, Virginia. This set into motion the enslavement of both Africans and American Indians, and extended the Portuguese and Spanish Transatlantic Slave Trade to North America. Fort Monroe later became a refuge for those escaping enslavement, and was one of the first places enslaved people were granted freedom during the American Civil War.

The designation as a Site of Memory associated with UNESCO's Slave Route project is the latest in the Commonwealth's ongoing efforts to honor and promote the historical significance of Fort Monroe. In 2019, Governor Northam ordered the removal of the name of disgraced Confederate president Jefferson Davis from an iron archway and memorial park within Fort Monroe. Interpretive signs were installed to contextualize the arch, the park, and the full history of Fort Monroe, and the letters were placed inside the nearby Casemate Museum. Later in 2019, Fort Monroe hosted a series of events to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in English North America in 1619. The Fort Monroe Visitor and Education Center opened in 2020 with new interactive exhibits that help chronicle this history.

A public art memorial to the trials of the enslaved Africans who landed at Fort Monroe is currently under construction. In 2019, Governor Northam proposed, and the General Assembly agreed to allocate $500,000 toward the African Landing Memorial project. The artist has engaged extensively with the public to give the community a chance to express their opinion on what this memorial project means to them, and what experiences should be included in the design. Learn more at

“Fort Monroe is an ideal site to explore the history of the African Black Diaspora, particularly the history of the African landing at Point Comfort, and the evolution of slavery in practice and law,” said Eola Dance, Acting Superintendent at Fort Monroe National Monument. “This partnership park provides a unique opportunity to tell the unvarnished truth about the disruption of slavery to Africans, the diversity of people who contributed to the making of America; the resilience of African Americans in the quest for freedom, equality, and justice; as well as the desire and need for reconciliation and healing across communities today.”

Launched in 1994, UNESCO's Slave Route project: Resistance, Liberty, Heritage was created to break the silence surrounding the slave trade and slavery across all continents. The project has contributed to a better understanding of the causes, forms of operation, stakes and consequences of slavery in the world.

“I congratulate all of the dedicated community groups and Governor Northam's office on the designation of Fort Monroe as a Site of Memory Associated with the Slave Route,” said Dr. Jane Landers, United States Representative of UNESCO's International Scientific Committee and Director of the Slave Societies Digital Archive. “As the site where the first enslaved Africans were introduced into the English colonies in 1619 and where the Union Army more than two centuries later sheltered self-liberated people, Fort Monroe holds a unique place in our nation's history. This is an effort I hope will be a model for our historic sites in our country.”

Under the guidance of UNESCO's International Scientific Committee, the Slave Route project continues to encourage new research in neglected regions, define new approaches for the teaching of this history, and elaborate new guides for the identification, preservation and promotion of sites and itineraries of memory related to the slave trade and slavery. In addition, the project promotes the contributions of people of African descent to the construction of contemporary societies.

“This historic site is uniquely positioned to break the silence surrounding Virginia's role in slavery and create an educational space to understand the consequences of slavery and the contribution that enslaved people made to shape the modern society,” said Fort Monroe Authority Executive Director Glenn Oder.

Fort Monroe has received several national designations to recognize and protect the area's important heritage. In 1960, Fort Monroe was designated a National Historic Landmark and in 1966, Fort Monroe was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2011, President Barack Obama signed a proclamation designating Fort Monroe a national monument.

International Polar Bear Day Celebrates Icons of the Arctic

As polar bear mums and their newborn cubs snuggle together in snow dens across the Arctic, 27th February marks International Polar Bear Day, aimed at raising awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by polar bears in a changing world.

Polar bear watching is an incredible experience combining sheer beauty with thrilling proximity. With more than 60 per cent of the world's polar bears found in Canada, many Australians are longing for the time when they can fulfill their lifelong dream of safely encountering polar bears in the wild. Read on to find out where they hide.


It's easy to view polar bears throughout Nunavut, as all but one of the territory's communities are located by the ocean. Autumn is the best time to see them, as they gather on the shorelines waiting for sea ice to form.

Polar bears, or 'Nanuq' in Inuktitut, dwell on the floe edge, hunting for seals and other prey. Connect with a polar bear expert in a community like Pond Inlet, Resolute Bay, Arviat or Hall Beach. These guides know exactly how close you can get, and where you're likely to find these incredible animals.

Insider's tip: These adorable creatures are extremely dangerous and powerful hunters. In other words, your camera will need a zoom lens!

Churchill, Manitoba

In Churchill, Manitoba, travel by land is probably the most common way to see the lords of the Arctic. Climb aboard one of these all-terrain vehicles that stand over 13 feet tall and you'll feel like you're on top of the world. Even the average adult polar bear standing at almost three metres high will have nothing on you. Check out: Frontiers North, Lazy Bear Expeditions, Great White Bear Tours

Alternatively, a smaller scale, open-air, low-impact tundra vehicle, called a 'rhino' works well to navigate the boggy lowlands and tidal flats and gets you closer to your goal of seeing bears.

Churchill is the only place in the world that offers a walking tour. Get ready for the adrenaline rush of your life as you witness the apex predator of the Arctic sans barriers. These guided ambles are as good as it gets for getting you so close to these fantastic beasts yet with the safety net of experienced guides having your back along the way.

Fun Facts

Learn more about these majestic beasts with these five fun facts:
  • Polar bears are the largest land carnivore: Males can weigh more than 700kg.
  • Polar bears aren't actually white: Polar bears have black skin and hollow, colourless hair. Their hollow fur reflects light and traps the sun's heat to help keep them warm.
  • Their movements might look slow and cumbersome but don't be fooled: Polar bears can reach speeds of up to 40 km per hour on land and around 10 km per hour in water.
  • Shrinking sea ice is their biggest threat: The bears rely on sea-ice as a platform to hunt prey like seals. Rising temperatures is causing sea ice to melt earlier.
  • Two-thirds of polar bear litters are twins! A female polar bear has around five litters in a lifetime.

Click HERE to watch a live polar bear cam in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba.

Click HERE to watch highlights from the Polar Bear Tundra Buggy in Churchill, Manitoba.



The world's leading minds on computer graphics and interactive techniques choose Sydney for 2023

SIGGRAPH Asia has announced Sydney to be the host city for its 2023 conference and exhibition, bringing together the world’s most respected technical and creative minds, and further building New South Wales’ position as a leading global knowledge hub for creative industries.

Widely recognised as the premier platform for the advancement of graphics, animation, art, and technology, the 2023/16th edition of SIGGRAPH Asia taking place from 12 – 15 December 2023, is expected to attract over 2,500 delegates to Sydney and thousands of visitors to the exhibition showcase, sharing expert knowledge on research, science, art, animation, gaming, interactivity, education, and emerging technologies.

Global bidding services specialist BESydney secured this important gathering in partnership with the Australasian ACM SIGGRAPH Asia community and in coordination with trade fair organiser, Koelnmesse Pte Ltd.

Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres, said: “New South Wales has the largest creative sector in Australia, and we expect the sector to be a key driver of the state's economic growth, exports and innovation over the next decade.

“Sydney is one of the world’s most creative cities and it’s great to see this latest win for the business events sector, which continues to play a key role in restarting our city and state’s economy as global communities reopen.”

NSW is home to 40% of Australia’s creative businesses, almost half of the creative workforce, and generates up to 70% of the country’s total creative exports. It also has a dedicated Creative Industries Knowledge Hub through the NSW Government Department of Industry.

SIGGRAPH Asia Chief Staff Executive, Prakash Ramajillu, said: “Sydney’s selection is a testament to the depth of the city’s creative sector and its world-class venue in the ICC Sydney.

“Sydney as the host city for 2023 is an exciting prospect for SIGGRAPH Asia and we look forward to further building on the foundations set by the various communities. We’re pleased to return to Australia’s thriving technology, creative industries and media scene, with so many new developments in this field since we were last here in 2019.

“The SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Advisory Group and Koelnmesse Pte Ltd are very thankful for the support that Team Sydney has given us so far. We hope to continue working together to create and execute a true world class event that will leave a strong impact in the thriving technology, creative industries, media and film sectors in the state of New South Wales and in Australia.”

BESydney CEO Lyn Lewis-Smith said the organisation had secured 20 new meetings for Sydney in the last 12 months across technology, health, science and infrastructure which are expected to bring in almost 13,820 delegates staying 58,490 delegate days and generating an estimated $51 million for the local economy, under the most challenging conditions on record for the business events industry.

Ms. Lewis-Smith said: “The desire to meet face to face is getting stronger the longer people’s business activities are confined to Zoom, and this is another positive milestone towards the market’s return.

“Sound management of the pandemic across our city and state is giving increasing confidence to our local and global clientele to choose Sydney for their next meeting. I’m so proud of the efforts of my team and our Team Sydney industry partners, and the close collaboration to ensure Sydney continues to win business events that will secure global attention and business to further our innovation and leadership in this growing sector.

“In 2019, Sydney returned to the global Top 20 host cities, and international events like SIGGRAPH Asia prove the pulling power of Sydney as a global meeting destination,” said Ms. Lewis-Smith.

The event will deliver a robust conference program, including renowned keynotes, panel sessions, technical talks, a computer animation festival, and specialised exhibition for the latest products and services for computer graphics and interactive techniques professionals and enthusiasts from Asia and beyond. There will also be exclusive tours for delegates to visit research centres and industry hubs, networking opportunities onsite and at co-located events, and a student program in partnership with NSW Stem Industry School Partnerships, further building Sydney’s strengths as a global knowledge hub in creative technology.

The event will also focus on sharing content with creative industries students across NSW, with June Kim appointed as the SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Conference Chair. Ms. Kim is a lecturer at the University of NSW (UNSW), who has also served and participated in ACM SIGGRAPH for over a decade.

“Engaging the next generation is critical to the ongoing success for our community. Globally, there is a need to increase participation of youths, women, first peoples and people from diverse backgrounds, to study and develop skills in science, technology, engineering, arts, and design. Hosting SIGGRAPH Asia in Sydney will also provide the platform to launch new initiatives which help to scale and grow the local industry and spark interest amongst new audiences in this part of the world,” shared Ms. Kim.

UNSW Head of School, Professor Edward Scheer, said: “UNSW Art and Design has a long history of creative research dating back to 1833. But we also remember the future and we continue to develop new areas of research in 3D visualisation, visual effects, simulation and immersive design through our labs. We are proud to be partners in SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 and look forward to seeing you in Sydney."

SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 was secured for Australia with support from Tourism Australia’s Business Events Bid Fund Program and the NSW Government.

Tourism Australia Managing Director Phillipa Harrison said that attracting large-scale events such as this are a mark of confidence to the world that Sydney and Australia are ready to welcome business visitors back and play a major role in kickstarting the visitor economy as the industry rebuilds.

“The business events sector is a significant economic driver and securing large-scale international events for future years will significantly support the recovery of our tourism industry and economy more broadly by filling venues, hotels and restaurants around the country,” Ms. Harrison said.

“Sydney is a world-renowned events destination and being home to so many incredible tourism offerings as well, I have no doubt it will provide the perfect setting for the 2023 SIGGRAPH Asia event.”



NSW Tourism Industry Council is on the search to find New South Wales’ Top Tourism Town and New South Wales’ Small Tourism Town of the year.

The Top Tourism Town Awards will showcase the value of tourism to the towns and communities across NSW and celebrate their commitment to encouraging tourism and increasing visitation to their destination.

Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said the Top Tourism Town Awards will shine a light on the towns, people, attractions and experiences that make NSW a ‘must visit’ destination.

“NSW is open for business and welcoming visitors, which is great news for regional towns and communities that rely on the visitor economy to support local businesses.

“As we’ve identified in the Visitor Economy Strategy 2030, regional towns play an important role in attracting visitation and visitor spend to NSW, and I encourage all tourism towns to enter the Awards,” Mr Ayres said.

NSW Tourism Industry Council executive manager Greg Binskin said community collaboration would be celebrated.

“The Top Tourism Town Awards will provide the opportunity for groups such as Local Chambers of Commerce, Visitor Information Centres, Local Tourism Associations and Councils or motivated groups of local operators to collaborate and showcase their town as a great visitor destination, and be recognised as a community that collaborates to make their town the best destination it can be,” he said.

The two categories are:
Top Tourism Town - suited to established tourism towns where a range of attractions, accommodation and visitor experiences already exist, particularly those with a population over 5,000 people
Small Tourism Town – suited to towns which are in the process of establishing a tourism strategy and developing visitor experiences, particularly those with a population below 5,000 people.

Nominations open today and close on Monday 22 March, with full submissions due Monday 26 April. Winners in each category will be announced in partnership with Local Government NSW at the LGNSW Destination & Visitor Economy Conference in Port Macquarie from 26-28 May. For information and to nominate, go to the NSW Tourism Awards website.


Destination NSW

Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia Welcomes Printhie to the Fold

Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia is thrilled to announce the addition of family-owned Printhie Wines to its collective, the first from the Orange region of New South Wales.

“We're delighted to welcome Printhie as our 26th winery member,” says Kate Shilling, Executive Officer, Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia. “They bring new and exciting winery experiences to our offering, as well as superb cool climate craftmanship found in their wines and sparkling range.”

Rated 5 stars by Halliday for 11 years, Printhie Wines was established in 1996 when the first vines were planted on the Swift family's property by Jim and Ruth Swift. The winery was added in 2004, changing the dynamic of the business from grape growing to wine production.

Their sons, Ed and Dave, returned home in the early 2000s to manage the winery and vineyard operations. They've now forged a reputation for world class wines that truly capture the defining element of the Orange wine region: Elevation. Each of their four vineyards were chosen with site, aspect and elevation in mind and includes the highest vineyard in Orange at 1070 metres.

Printhie Wines lays claim to the m├ęthode traditionnelle Swift Sparkling range, considered to be one of Australia's finest, awarded Best Sparkling at the NSW Wine awards for the last three years.

“It's very much a family affair that focuses on the quality of our cool climate wines above all else,” says Dave.

The Printhie Sparkling Masterclass offers guests a guided walking tour of the vineyard, providing a rare insight into the process of creating sparkling, hosted by one of the estate's Sparkling Specialists, including a private tasting of the Swift Sparkling range.

Guests can explore the estate during an intimate Printhie Picnic, which includes a guided tasting and a picnic hamper filled with delicious sweet and savoury treats. Using a map of the property, guests can select a private place to relax among the vineyards or the heritage apple orchard.

The region of Orange is renowned for producing impeccable wines, with vineyards like Printhie taking advantage of the unique viticulture offered by the high elevation created by the extinct volcano, Mt Canobolas.

“This results in consistently high quality, distinctive wines,” says Dave.

Discover more at


FULL PROGRAM ANNOUNCED: Parrtjima - a Festival in Light, 9-18 April 2021

The full 2021 program for Parrtjima – A Festival in Light is out and features an impressive host of high-calibre acts to perform at the iconic free event in Alice Springs next month.

Joining previously announced acts Electric Fields and Casey Donovan on the music program this year is an all-star line up of Australian artists including Miiesha, MusicNT’s Divas, Jimblah, Bow and Arrow, Dobby, OKA, Ziggy Ramo and Shellie Morris.

Shaping up to be bigger and better than ever, Parrtjima 2021 will see an exciting new show for the MacDonnell Ranges, large-scale light installations, artworks, performances, interactive workshops, music, films and talks woven into the program as part of the 2021 theme ‘Future Kultcha’.

2021 Parrtjima Curator Rhoda Roberts AO said this year’s theme ‘Future Kultcha’ is all about ensuring forward thinking of the philosophers, the artists and the dreamers.

“Enabling young guest curators such as Electric Fields and Rhyan Clapham, aka Dobby, to play a part in this year’s program gives a distinct voice of the next generation and their connection to the ancient footprints of their ancestors,” she said.

“When you combine the masters with the emerging, you see a sense of a holistic culture and knowledge that is relevant to everyone in the 21st century.”

Event attendees can also hear from a range of critically-acclaimed speakers as part of the talks program. They include award-winning writer Bruce Pascoe, artists Jungala Kriss and Raymond Walters Japanangka, and Professor Marcia Langton AM to name a few.

Northern Territory Major Events Company CEO Tim Watsford said this year’s five-star program was guaranteed to attract crowds from all over Australia.

“The 2021 program signifies a coming-of-age for the event as it enters its sixth year,” he said.

“We are thrilled with the program’s offerings, including everything from impressive new large-scale light installations and musical performances to workshops, talks, films, and of course, our unmissable light show against the MacDonnell Ranges at Alice Springs Desert Park.

“Parrtjima is a must-do for any traveller’s bucket list and I look forward to welcoming thousands of visitors to the heart of Australia for this iconic festival in light.”

Other 2021 program highlights include a fabric and textiles workshop hosted by National Indigenous Fashion Awards Director Nina Fitzgerald, bushfood tastings, a wooden carvings masterclass, painting workshops, metal sculpture workshops and more.

Parrtjima has expanded over three event precincts this year, with the Araluen Arts Centre hosting parts of the 2021 program along with Alice Springs Desert Park and Todd Mall.

Children’s activities and live music provided by local DJs will feature on the nightly program, and the Araluen Arts Centre will host a film program and Araluen curator tours. Films include 1950s classic Jedda, coming-of-age comedy Bran Nue Dae featuring Jessica Mauboy and Aboriginal Rules, a documentary on the role Aussie Rules plays in a remote Territory community.

Parrtjima is the only authentic light Aboriginal festival of its kind, showcasing the oldest continuous culture on earth through the newest technology. The packed program runs alongside nightly light shows on the 300-million-year-old natural canvas of the MacDonnell Ranges.

Parrtjima is delivered by the Northern Territory Government through Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) and produced by creative directors AGB Events.

Parrtjima takes place from 9-18 April 2021 in the cultural heart of Australia, Alice Springs.

To find out more or register for the Desert Park festival site and Araluen Arts Centre program elements, go to


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Thailand may scrap mandatory quarantine for foreign visitors vaccinated against Covid-19 as it may help the nation revive its tourism industry, according to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha.

Foreigners visiting Thailand may be allowed to skip the two-week isolation if they furnish vaccination certificates but authorities will continue to track them, Prayuth said after a cabinet meeting in Bangkok Tuesday. The government will carefully consider all aspects of such a move before implementing them, the prime minister said.

The Southeast Asian nation has already cleared vaccines made by Sinovac Biotech Ltd. and AstraZeneca Plc for emergency local use and ordered a total of 63 million doses from the two producers. The country is set to receive the first batch of 2 million doses of Sinovac vaccine on Wednesday that will allow it start a national inoculation program as early as next week.

Thailand will eventually allow registration and imports of several brands of Covid-19 vaccines as long as they meet local rules, and private hospitals will be permitted to administer the shots, Prayuth said. The government will control the distribution of vaccines only in the early stages, he said.

“Many companies have shown interest to register but their documents are not completed yet,” Prayuth said. “It is good that we will have more vaccines than the 65 million doses planned by the government now.”
Read the full article at Bloomberg:

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Photo: Sirachai Arunrugstichai / Getty images

Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office
c/o 3rd Floor, Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, 154 Rama 1 Road National Stadium, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2038 5071-1

Hong Kong Disneyland Park is Reopened

Hong Kong Disneyland park is now open and welcoming guests again. In line with the latest regulations and guidance from government and health authorities, the resort will continue to maintain its measured approach with health and safety measures. A range of enhanced new measures will be implemented, including mandatory COVID-19 testing for cast members involved in operation once every 14 days.

“From everyone at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, we wish you good health, happiness and prosperity in the year of the Ox. Every cast member has been putting tremendous effort in preparing our park reopening. I could not be more thrilled to announce that our park will be reopened on February 19, to welcome guests to experience the magic of our 15th anniversary and our new Castle of Magical Dreams. I want to give thanks for the support of our guests and the countless efforts from our cast members during this challenging time,” said Michael Moriarty, Managing Director, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort will arrange mandatory COVID-19 testing for cast members involved in operation once every 14 days as required by the latest health and safety regulations. The new safety measure represents an additional step to promote the health and safety of all guests and cast members.
Enhanced park visit reservation process with added “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code locations

As required by the latest health and safety regulations, park visitors are required to scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code or register their names, contact numbers, and date and time of visit before entering the premises. All visiting guests will be required to provide their names and contact numbers on the Hong Kong Disneyland Park Reservation website when reserving their visit date with valid tickets or membership cards prior to arrival. Additionally, “LeaveHomeSafe” QR codes will be displayed across the resort, such as the entrance of the park, restaurants and hotel recreation facilities.

Reservations for all guests will begin from 10 a.m. on February 18. Guests are also required to make a health declaration as part of their reservation process.
Health and safety measures remain a priority

The resort will continue with its health and safety measures including temperature screening, the wearing of face masks, social distancing, and increased cleaning and sanitization in accordance with the latest regulations and guidance from the government and health authorities.

Similar to park operations prior to the recent closure, a five-day per week operation will remain in place, with the park closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays (except public holidays and special days designated by the resort from time to time) until further notice. Additionally, the park will control capacity as required by the government regulations.

Park operations and processes for both guests and cast members will continue to be reviewed on an ongoing basis and adjusted as necessary to take into account the latest government regulations.


Work starts on FLC Quang Binh Beach and Golf Resort

Work started on a five-star hotel complex and an international convention centre, two key components of the FLC Quang Binh Beach and Golf Resort (FLC Quang Binh), in Quang Ninh commune, the central province of Quang Binh, on January 17.

The 500-room FLC Grand Hotel consists of two buildings, offering first-class facilities, such as an infinity pool, international-standard restaurants, a sky bar and cigar lounge, and an outdoor stage, said Vice Chairwoman of FLC Group Huong Tran Kieu Dung at the ground-breaking ceremony.

The FLC Quang Binh International Convention Centre, meanwhile, is expected to become the province’s leading multifunctional conference centre with a hall providing nearly 1,200 seats.

The 2,000-ha FLC Quang Binh has a total investment of 20 trillion VND (864.1 million USD). It will run the length of the province’s 5-km beach and own a six-star villa resort complex and high-class golf courses.

Quang Binh is dubbed the "Kingdom of caves" with hundreds of caves of various sizes as well as incredible mountain scenery and sprawling beaches.

It is home to Son Doong cave, accredited as the world’s largest and most beautiful natural one by the World Records Union and the World Records Association, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

The province was also chosen as one of the filming destinations of Hollywood blockbuster movie “Kong: Skull Island”.

As of the beginning of 2020, the province had had about 370 lodging service providers, few of which were rated 4- or 5-star.

Source: VNA
Photo: A ground-breaking ceremony is held on January 17 to start the construction of FLC Quang Binh Beach and Golf Resort in the central province of Quang Binh. (Photo: