Wednesday, 20 January 2021

A New Age of Hospitality at Vegetarian Wine Bar Mister Percy

Pyrmont's favourite 100% vegetarian neighbourhood wine bar receives a new year shakeup with new Head Chef Courtney Blyde and Venue Manager Antonio Di Munno shake up -

Set back from the bustling vantage of Darling Harbour, a bridge stroll from Sydney's CBD, you will find a wine bar of another kind, Mister Percy. A wholly vegetarian, produce led neighbourhood nook, identifiable only by a lone lamp lit bronze plaque donning its namesake, where Head Chef Courtney Blyde and Venue Manager Antonio Di Munno are ready to serve. The duo will lead a fresh chapter of heartfelt hospitality within the walls of this century's old wool store.

Bringing the talents of a young, globally inspired chef under the same roof as an industry veteran with old school hospitality at their core, Mister Percy will see old world charm flourish alongside new age sensibilities. To become a place where conscious cuisine and local produce are served with warmth and welcome from within the historic heart of Pyrmont.

Mister Percy's new Head Chef, Courtney Blyde (ex-Mary's Pizzeria, The Apollo and Cho Cho San) draws influence from fresh and local produce, inspired by the marriage of classic and innovative techniques. Courtney will see Mister Percy's carefully handpicked wine list pair perfectly with a produce-led, vegetarian bistro-style menu designed to share with a selection of small and big plates, sides and sweets.

Sharpening his knives, Courtney will bring produce to life, locally sourced through family owned and operated Farmer and Son, using global flavours and techniques to hero the humble veg. Best served with a wine in hand, beneath the low-lit lounge setting of Mister Percy. Signature dishes include the Vinegar Glazed Onions, Sour Cream and Nut Loaf ($14), inspired by the classic flavour combination of sour cream and onion, served with a side of his mother's very own morish nut loaf. In addition to a comforting Squashed Lasagne, Parmesan Cream ($26).

Antonio Di Munno (ex-Jet Bar Caffe, Parlour Lane Roasters Café and Wine Bar, and La Locanda) joins the Mister Percy team as Venue Manager with over 10 years' experience in prestigious hospitality environments. A well-respected man about town, Antonio's personability, authentic positivity and skillful food and beverage recommendations make for an unforgettable experience that is filled with warmth and welcome, creating a family away from home for guests.

Housed in a former heritage wool store, Mister Percy stands as an ode to the wool-classer who etched his name into one of the buildings historic sandstone bricks. A gentleman who was not averse to a glass (or few) of wine. Designed by award winning interior design firm Luchetti Krelle, contemporary accents achieve an intimate lounge-style aesthetic within a cavernous antique space dotted with original wool store fittings of exposed wooden beams and metal bearings. Vintage décor and modern materials meld together to create a warm candle-lit space for you to settle into your seat, vino in hand.

Mister Percy's refreshed offering is as palette pleasing and thoughtful as their collection of pours from local and boutique progressive producers, available by the glass quartino or bottle, handpicked for their profound quality and character. With a shared passion for quality and care, Courtney and Antonio will see Mister Percy's journey into the new year be a produce-led affair delivered with an unforgettable dose of warmth and welcome.

Courtney's new menu has been guided by Ovolo's commitment to going vegetarian for 365 days with all restaurants and bars across Australia and Hong Kong. Known as 'Year of the Veg', Mister Percy's food will celebrate fresh and locally sourced produce, ethical eating and conscious cuisine for.

Open Wednesday to Saturday, 5pm till late at 139 Murray Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Visit for the full menu



MCEC host magical creatures to celebrate Royal Children’s 150th

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is proud to be a host of Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail which launches today, seeing two UooUo’s “Umbrella Girl” by Be Free and “Crystalline.Opal.Dream” by Christy Chudosnik displayed outside MCEC from today until March 21.

To mark the 150th anniversary of The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Melbourne, the RCH Foundation is displaying 100 colourful UooUoo (pronounced you-you) sculptures in laneways, streets, parks, beaches and public spaces. Together, they form walking trails of adventure throughout Melbourne and Geelong, encouraging communities to reconnect with their cities and be active by visiting the unique art sculptures.

UooUoo is an imaginary creature created by award-winning Melbourne artist Alexander Knox, who also created the iconic sculpture ‘Creature’ that stands in the main foyer of the RCH.

Each of the 100 UooUoos is individually designed by an Australian artist. MCEC is proud to host not one, but two UooUoos; Crystalline.Opal.Dream by Christy Chudosnik and Umbrella Girl by Be Free. Each will be located outside the Clarendon Street entrance and along Dukes Walk respectively.

Umbrella Girl by Be Free

Artist Bio:
Be Free is a Melbourne artist who has been putting art out on the streets across Australia and around the world for many years. The little girl that keeps popping up is a fun filled character who runs around watering plants, scribing on walls and making a mess with paint. Keep your eyes out and you just might see her in your travels.

Design Description:
Umbrella Girl by Be Free: “Days may be cloudy or sunny, we're in or we are out of the money, yeah, but I'm with you always, I'm with you rain or shine” - Ray Charles

Crystalline.Opal.Dream by Christy Chudosnik

Artist Bio:
Christy Chudosnik is a photographically based artist, working across collage, painting, sculpture, textiles, film, screen-printing and oracle printing. In a synthesis between analogue and digital practices, works are often photographically seeded, highly process driven and involve fusing multiple forms of traditional and experimental applications across a variety of mediums. Her practice is stylised by the use of hundreds of her own images, creating heavily embellished scenes, rich in tactile dexterity and obscurity. Christy’s works focuses on themes regarding the environment, science, philosophy, religions and mysticism.

Design Description:
Crystalline.Opal.Dream by Christy Chudosnik is a multi-medium manifesto of textiles, painting, collage and photography. This UooUoo uses hundreds of photographed images, scanned, digitised and collaged; rendering a landscape of minerals, crystals, sand beds, coral, shells and fossils to create patterns of various shapes and spectacles. Crystalline.Opal.Dream is a metaphor for human life, symbolically acknowledging the way minerals undergo vast amounts of pressure to eventually transform into beautiful, multi-faceted wonders.

Peter King, Chief Executive of Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, said MCEC is proud to be part of the art trail and contribute to the enduring legacy of the RCH for future generations.

“Me and UooUoo will be a wonderful opportunity to bring the community back together after such a long time apart, as well as supporting The Royal Children’s Hospital's exceptional work over the past 150 years.”

At the conclusion of the art trail, the full collection of UooUoos will be housed at MCEC until they can be auctioned to raise funds for the RCH.

Me and UooUoo further extends MCEC’s long term relationship with the RCH, with the venue having been the home of the annual Good Friday Appeal fundraiser event for six years running.

​​​​​​​For more information visit:


COVID-19: Insights on travel impact, Asia Pacific - January

Inter-country travel between Hong Kong and Singapore is showing a peak in demand between LNY (Feb 2021) and the March 2021 school holidays.

Sojern's insights are based on over 350 million traveller profiles and billions of travel intent signals, however it does not capture one hundred percent of the travel market.

Upcoming Travel Trends for Asia Pacific and Lunar New Year

Domestic travel will lead the way during the upcoming Lunar New Year (LNY/Chinese New Year) period. We analysed the travel trends and insights looking at countries within Asia Pacific (APAC) that typically have the strongest Lunar New Year seasonality - Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

What we found is that the demand for travel is predominantly domestically driven, with the exception of Hong Kong where more than 50% are looking at exploring international travel - if it translates into actual bookings will depend on the status of travel restrictions. The dates of travel are between 11th - 14th February coinciding with the LNY dates. At least 40% of travellers started to search a month prior to LNY with the exceptions of Japan, Thailand and Malaysia - all of which are seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases with lockdowns and state of emergencies having been declared. In Hong Kong, more than 10% of travellers are looking to book trips of at least four days. Travel marketers should be planning to target APAC travellers now, and again two weeks prior to LNY to capitalise on the demand.

Inter-country travel between Hong Kong and Singapore is showing a peak in demand between LNY (Feb 2021) and the March 2021 school holidays.

When looking at Singapore’s domestic trends, we see that pre-planning has started for LNY, Valentine’s Day and the March school holidays. Our data shows that the domestic hotel search demand has improved drastically with a 73% year-over-year (YoY) uplift. It will be interesting to keep an eye on the future international travel intent to Singapore with the announcement that World Economic Forum's (WEF) 2021 will be taking place in May in Singapore as opposed to Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

Domestic Travel Intent for Australia and New Zealand

Domestic flight bookings for Australia and New Zealand indicate that domestic travel trends continue to peak in both countries. Travel within Australia saw a 300% increase at the end of November and into December 2020. With Qantas planning for international travel from July 2021 , it will be interesting to see if the Australian Government eases travel restrictions at that time along with the status of the vaccine rollout.

When analysing the future dates of hotel searches domestically in Australia and New Zealand, we see that the lead time is short with travellers looking to book hotels from now until the start of the second quarter of the year, up until April 2021. It is clear that travellers are dreaming of future travel and hotel holiday stays.

Travel Bubble Between Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand were among the first countries in Asia Pacific to open up international travel (Trans-Tasman, but one way from New Zealand to Australia). The Australian Government announced a Safe Travel Zone with New Zealand, allowing travellers from New Zealand to enter the country quarantine-free. However, upon their return, New Zealanders have to quarantine and bear the financial cost. Contrary to reports , when looking at our data from December 2020 onwards, we see that New Zealand to Australia travellers were looking to travel in February (24.2% increase) up until May (almost 10%).

Subsequently, Australia to New Zealand is also seeing some traction. Last year in December 2020 (53.8%) and now in January 2021 (30.2%) we are noting an increase in flight bookings.


The findings this month include an analysis of travel intent within APAC indicating a peak in domestic travel. The Lunar New Year is seeing that in Hong Kong, more than 50% are looking at exploring international travel, and there is also a peak of travel between Singapore and Hong Kong. Singapore’s domestic hotel stays continue to be popular. Lastly, we have explored domestic travel within Australia and New Zealand and the Trans-Tasman travel bubble. As the vaccine is rolled out more comprehensively across the globe, travel restrictions and quarantine requirements are bound to change. We will continue to share more insights as we monitor the situation.These insights will hopefully help travel marketers shape their strategies as the industry recovers.


JTB GMT SUNRISE TOURS released new virtual tours, “Mt. Takao Tengu Legend & Tama” and “Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano”

JTB Global Marketing & Travel (JTB GMT) launched a new series of our SUNRISE TOURS brand "Virtual SUNRISE TOURS" in November 2020 with "Mt. Fuji & Hakone Highlights Tour", the first-ever virtual product. 

JTB GMT on December 15 released "Mt. Takao Tengu Legend & Tama" and "Kyoto Arashiyama and Sagano" as the new products of the "Virtual SUNRISE TOURS". 

SUNRISE TOURS has welcomed more than six million visitors from across the world as Japan’s most renowned tour brand since 1964. 

“Virtual SUNRISE TOURS" was created as a brand-new series where an English-speaking local expert with national guiding license provides online guiding over pre-recorded videos of various parts of Japan. 

JTB GMT has released two products this time. On "Mt. Takao Tengu Legend & Tama Highlights Tour", you will visit Mt. Takao and the Tama district where traditions live in the modern world backed by the folklore of Tengu, supernatural beings known to have avian characteristics and a red face with a long nose. 

Enjoy the sight of traditional Japanese culture, such as temples and shrines, textiles, Maiko (apprentice Geisha), and more, as they exist in combination with the modern age. 

"Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano Tour" is a product modeled after a real walking tour. On this tour, you will visit the Bamboo Grove Path at Tenryu-ji Temple, which is one of the sites that symbolize Sagano area, and Arashiyama Monkey Park, where you can see wild Japanese monkeys up close. 

The itinerary is exclusively made for this virtual product and includes some places which the original walking tour doesn’t visit. 

JTB GMT SUNRISE TOURS released new virtual tours, “Mt. Takao Tengu Legend & Tama” and “Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano”, as the second and the third products of "Virtual SUNRISE TOURS". 

On these virtual tours, our national-licensed expert guides you through some prerecorded videos of sightseeing spots so you can virtually visit Japan. 

The guide also provides you an interactive experience during the tour by telling you topics and episodes related to each spots. 

You may feel as if you were in Japan. Since traveling is not possible under the status quo, we would like these virtual tours will drive the demand for travelling Japan in the future.

What's New in the Heritage City This january...

Trip the Switch

It's just over a month away until Ipswich's newest live music event takes place. Trip the Switch was announced back in November with a stellar line up including Icehouse, James Reyne, The Angels, Killing Heidi and more. The event has an extensive Covid safe plan and the venue is so large it can accommodate 27,000 people but the event is capped at 5000 to make sure that everyone is safe. It's an open air venue, there will be precautions in place and people can wear masks if they feel uncomfortable. Also if there is a new lockdown or restrictions on the day then people can hold onto their tickets as the event will be rescheduled or they can request a refund.

Though organisers hope that people will keep their tickets because they want to hold these music events annually bringing great music to Ipswich. Blues Arcadia a local band will start the show and gates open at 12pm on the day with music going until 9pm. Buses will be available from the Ipswich train station, Springfield and the Commercial Hotel in Redbank to the venue.

New owner for Elderflower Café

One half of the Ellen and Rod Café team, Jolie Beckett is now the new owner for Elderflower Café near the North Tivoli nursery. The café will still be dog friendly and will start off with a basic menu while Jolie find staff to fill out her team - including GF banana bread, chocolate brownies, muffins and melting moments. They are stocking Five Senses coffee in 250g and 1kg bags and a purchase comes with a free coffee. She will also be stocking Single Origin coffee in the future.

Ms Beckett said she plans on offering simple, wholesome and classic dishes for breakfast and lunch like eggs benny, burgers and homemade pastries! She has a strong coffee focus having started Ellen and Rod with her previous business partner and now she's striking out on her own, but still bringing with her a love for great coffee. Contact Jolie on 0490 144 433

Covid safe businesses

Ipswich is open for business with Covid safe measures in place. Hospitality businesses which pivoted to takeaways are once again open for dining following Covid safe practices and procedures. Tourism operators are Good to Go, having had stringent plans in place since last lock downs including, Floating Images Hot Air Balloons who say they were very busy flying over the Christmas and New Year's period until the lock downs with some beautiful green countryside due to recent rains and are now taking bookings again. Other experiences like Haigslea Ewe Nique Hobby Farm and The Workshops Rail Museum are also open.  Contact Penny Allen Haigslea Ewe Nique Hobby Farm on 0410 487 263


Indian Mehfil are celebrating Veganuary (vegan Janaury)! Look out for a large range of delicious, healthy, vegan and vegetarian dishes like Baingan Bahar, Daal Tadka, Zira Aloo and Vegetables Madras to choose from. Think authentic Indian favours with fresh locally sourced produce.

Indian Mehfil have also introduced Mehfil Mondays with $14.99 curries for dine in and dinner and kids eat free on Sundays for lunch and dinner for January! Contact Andrew Spark on 0413 331 162

Gluten Free beer launched

4Hearts Brewing has launched a new gluten free beer! The delicious 4Hearts Brewing Gluten Free Single Hop Pale Ale has been crafted with using millet, a naturally gluten free grain, along with Citra hops. The resulting beer is pale gold with an amazing aroma of lychee, orange, tropical fruit and limes. A delicious beer, that you won't believe is gluten free! Contact Abbie Glossop on 0439 439 710

Last week to see Thomas!

Thomas the Tank Engine has steamed into The Workshops Rail Museum this summer for Day out with Thomas. Now in its final week the event will end on Tuesday 26 January 2021. Some family favourites have joined Thomas to celebrate 75 years including The Fat Controller, Annie and Clarabel, Douglas, Trevor the Traction Engine, and George the Steamroller. There are plenty of activities on offer for a whole day of family-friendly school holiday fun including the Thomas Play Pit, craft, colouring in, and games, as well as appearances by The Fat Controller. Contact Louise Whitlock 0419 822 426

New mini market

The Soul Nook Collective are starting a new Fresh Friday mini market on Fridays weekly from 9am-11am with a focus on fresh spray free produce, potted herbs, artisan breads, organic milk and eggs and eventually meats also. The market is expected to kick off on January 22. Contact Taryn Ryan 0409 543 512


Trekking In Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights| Departure Point: Hanoi
Route: Ha Noi – Mai Chau – Pu Luong Nature Reserve – Hanoi

Trip Overview

Experience the best of Mai Chau and Pu Luong’s diverse natural world on this 4-day Trekking In Pu Luong adventure through the wild. Explore the peaceful landscape in Mai Chau. Venture through Pu Luong Nature Reserve on an adventurous trek to discover hidden nature and wildlife. You will also meet and stay with local Thai and Muong ethnic people. Chance to learn about their lifestyles and cultures. They are typical ethnic tribes in this mountainous northwest of Vietnam.

Tour Itinerary

Close All Expand All
Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau (L/D)
Day 2: Mai Chau – Pu Luong Half Day Trek (B/L/D)
Day 3: Pu Luong Full Day Trek (B/L/D)
Day 4: Pu Luong Easy Trek – Bamboo Rafting – Hanoi (B/L)

Trip Includes
  • A/C car transfer during the trip
  • Drinking water on car
  • Accommodation at homestay/ 3 star hotel
  • Licenced English speaking guide
  • Meals as stated in the itinerary (B: Breakfast; L: Lunch; D: Dinner)
  • All sightseeing tickets; travel permits and activities mentioned in the itinerary
  • 24/7 hotline support

Trip Excludes
  • VAT
  • Travel insurance
  • International & dosmetic flights
  • Beverage on meals
  • Other personal expenses: drinks, souvenir, etc…
  • Tips & Gratuities

Conical Travel Co., Ltd.

Experts in the art of tailor-made holidays in Southeast Asia, we delight in putting together the very finest bespoke arrangements for our clients. Please get in touch with our local travel experts either by phone, email or by completing our simple enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.
+84 917 025 688


Airbnb launches Inside K-Pop

Six day festival showcases major artists, stars in training and a host of creative talent who sit in the K-Pop music ecosystem Inside K-Pop joins a line-up of other Online Experiences where musical performances from around the world and Korean culture take center stage

Airbnb is lifting the veil on the explosive Korean pop music industry with an unprecedented look behind the scenes of K-Pop. Hosted by chart topping idols Monsta X, and in partnership with Warner Music Korea, Airbnb’s Inside K-Pop will provide Thais with a backstage pass to a musical genre that has taken the world by storm. The collection is supported by Airbnb hosts who offer a range of musical experiences from around the world and an inside perspective on Korean food, fashion and culture, in addition to music-themed hosts of homes that can inspire future travel.

Inside K-Pop will run from January 25-30, 2021 featuring 14 unique Online Experiences offered in either English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese. From dance rehearsals to vocal practice, makeup tutorials to photoshoot tips, Thais can keep themselves busy while staying home by experiencing first hand the rigorous training of a K-Pop star. Some Online Experiences will give guests a rare glimpse into the daily rhythms and rituals of K-Pop proteges when not on the road, including making beaded bracelets as a way to relax and unwind, and chatting with stars as they mukbang (eat in front of an audience) Korean convenience store food, a rare treat.

K-Pop sits at the heart of the Hallyu or K-wave movement, one of South Korea’s most important cultural exports. The genre references a variety of global musical styles including rock, jazz, hip hop, and R&B. Its success extends widely beyond the borders of South Korea with a passionate fan base drawn to its catchy rhythms and dynamic synchronized dance routines.

At a time when concerts all around the world have been cancelled and music venues remain shuttered for the foreseeable future, Inside K-Pop will transport guests to the streets of Seoul, K-Pop’s epicenter. The program features:
  • Monsta X mukbang - Hang with the boys as they chow down on their favorite Korean convenience store food to refuel after busy days in training and on the road.
  • Time to get crafty with The Boyz as they chill out at a Hanok (traditional Korean home) on Airbnb engaging in their newfound passion for making beaded bracelets as a way to de-stress (and a nice memento to give friends, family and fans).
  • Join Jamie as she illustrates her daily make-up routine and tips for creating the perfect off-stage look.
  • Get photo fabulous with Handong from Dreamcatcher as she takes you behind the scenes of a K-Pop photoshoot at a chic listing in Seoul. Learn poses, gestures and expressions that bring out your inner popstar.
  • Share AleXa’s passion for dance with an immersive experience that takes you through the dance journey of a K-Pop star. Learn her famous moves and come prepared to shake your booty.
  • Prolific singer-songwriter Nive invites you to an intimate concert and storytelling session where he discusses his journey writing for some of K-Pop’s biggest stars.
  • Learn the art and magic of putting your best face forward in photographs with avid photographer and former U-KISS band member Kevin Woo.
  • Make your own gungjung tteokbokki (savory rice cakes from Korean royal courts) with rising star boy band Cravity.
  • Join some of K-Pop’s most well-known dance crews BB Trippin and Freemind as they lead a choreography session, showing you the major moves of star performers.
  • Learn the art of hairstyling for the stage and how to maintain your tresses with hair and make-up artists to the stars ALUU (hair and make-up) and Joy 187 (hair and make-up).

“Inside K-Pop is a virtual passport to the magic of Seoul at a time when travel remains restricted, offering unprecedented access to some of K-Pop's biggest names both in front of and behind the curtain. We are so excited for would-be travellers to connect with this vibrant community and see the joy these extraordinary talents will bring to a global audience as hosts of Airbnb Online Experiences,” states Catherine Powell, Airbnb’s Global Head of Hosting.

“We are thrilled to partner with Airbnb on Inside K-Pop, a campaign which will elevate the world of Korean pop music to a global audience. Our deep relationship with homegrown Korean talent enabled us to recruit some of the brightest stars to be part of this wonderful initiative,” stated Clayton Jin, CEO of Warner Music Korea.

Launched in 2016, Airbnb Experiences are unique, memorable activities designed and hosted by locals that go beyond typical tours or workshops, providing deep insights and immersion into the hosts’ passions and interests, and a different way to experience a destination. Since launching in April 2020, Online Experiences offers a platform in which hosts have a means to earn and guests have a way to connect without leaving their homes. In a world that has radically shifted in terms of how we travel, live and work, this platform is a vital portal through which connection and belonging can be fostered.



The Visitor Economy Strategy 2030 is not only a roadmap to help the state recover following drought, bushfires and the pandemic, it is the blueprint to make NSW a global visitor economy powerhouse.

The new strategy will deliver economic prosperity, create new jobs and enhance the lifestyles of the people of NSW over three phases – Recovery to 2024, Momentum to 2026, and Accelerate to 2030.

Destination NSW will lead the implementation of the Visitor Economy Strategy 2030 in collaboration with other government agencies to align and coordinate resources and initiatives across the NSW Government. Deeper engagement with commercial partners and visitor economy stakeholders, at home and overseas, will help cement the state’s leading position in the Asia Pacific.

Five strategic pillars pave the way:
  • The Road to Recovery includes a comprehensive program of marketing, business support and industry development to ensure NSW recovers quickly from the pandemic. The program will be implemented over two to three years, in-line with current industry projections
  • A new destination brand framework will provide the foundation for the development of new brands for Sydney and NSW based on their individual and collective strengths
  • There is a strong focus on working with the private sector to develop new products and experiences that showcase NSW’s strengths and competitive advantages and reinforce the Sydney and NSW brands
  • A new events strategy will guide the NSW Government’s investment in events and venue programming to activate new cultural and sporting infrastructure, reinforce the brand and position Sydney and NSW as the events capital of the Asia Pacific
  • A new Visitor Infrastructure Framework will provide a prioritisation method and Assessment Criteria to guide future NSW Government investments in infrastructure to support the visitor economy.

The strategy aligns with other key NSW Government initiatives including the NSW 2040 Economic Blueprint, Global NSW Strategy, the 20-Year Economic Vision for Regional NSW, 24-Hour Economy Strategy, NSW Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2038 and Future Transport Strategy 2056.

Read the full Visitor Economy Strategy 2030 here:


Destination NSW

TravTrade Launches Its Virtual Trade Event Platform for Destinations

TravTrade, a TravMedia company, has launched a new virtual travel trade and meetings platform enabling destinations to run events and connect with global trade partners remotely, or as a hybrid event.

The Virtual Events Platform is designed on the same user-friendly platform powering TravMedia's IMM, Tourism Australia's ATE, Destination Canada's Canada Corroboree and U.S. Travel Associations IPW Online Marketplace. TravTrade provides a white-label event website and content management system to generate communications, manage registrations, and track the event.

Delegates can upload personal and company profiles, set appointment preferences, and create a customised virtual event space for their meetings.

Virtual Events Platform integrates directly with TravMedia to create simple and easy sharing of company profiles from a rich online library of over twenty years of press releases, travel stories, and company assets.

"The global pandemic commanded change, and we had to adapt quickly. The world's largest travel trade shows cancelled, and international borders closed with a significant impact on tourism. Our innovation team developed the white-label virtual trade platform to keep the industry connected and engaged with overseas destinations," said Nick Wayland, CEO and Founder of TravMedia and TravTrade.

In late 2020, the new Virtual Events Platform powered successful IMM events in France, Australia, and Asia, and IMM Virtual North America will host over 250 brands and 330 media later this month. Tourism Yukon hosted their November virtual trade event through the new platform, and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) hosted their annual convention.

"TravTrade conducted a smooth show. The team demonstrated their knowledge and professional skills well and provided wonderful support. TravTrade as the event coordinator for the Yukon Virtual Trade Event was an excellent choice," said Yas Yamamamoto, Manager Market Development Asia Pacific for Tourism Yukon.

Larry Bleiberg, President of SATW also praised the new platform; "Their team has been forward-thinking, responsive and innovative. Knowing we are working with a top-notch professional takes a huge challenge out of running a meeting."

Designed and developed by TravTrade, the new trade platform features:
  • User-friendly content management system including custom registration, payment processing and tracking tools.
  • Direct integration with TravMedia for easy sharing of over twenty years of company assets.
  • TravTrade's bespoke Appointment Scheduler software to match delegates with relevant attendees for productive meetings.
  • Custom virtual event spaces with branded videos, background images and downloadable documents.
  • Ability to host welcome speeches, panel discussions, industry updates and sponsor videos during the event.
  • 24-hour support through our global office network.

For further information, please contact:
Nick Wayland
CEO and Founder
TravMedia Global | TravTrade




  • Presenting an unforgettable musical and culinary journey in Sydney

The Langham, Sydney is delighted to launch an exclusive brand-new series of live music events, ‘The Salon Series by The Langham’.

The monthly event will take guests on an outstanding musical and culinary journey, from opera to classical and from jazz to popular, at Sydney’s most luxurious hotel. In partnership with Andrew McKinnon Presentations, presenter of some of the world’s greatest singers and musicians, the series will offer music lovers the chance to celebrate live music once again and enjoy a selection of beautiful, intimate recitals, in a safe environment at The Langham, Sydney.

From one of the world’s most famous pianists, David Helfgott to West End star Bernadette Robinson, each performance can be experienced together with either the famed Langham Afternoon Tea or a five-course degustation dinner with inclusive wine package.

Shane Jolly, General Manager of The Langham, Sydney says, “After a challenging 2020 for the hospitality and music industry alike, The Langham, Sydney looks forward to bringing more music, love and memorable experiences in the new year.”

“Music is the soundtrack of our lives and we are delighted to be celebrating and supporting Australian musicians with The Salon Series and enjoy live music once again,” adds Jolly.

The programme line-up:

David Helfgott: Saturday 30th January
The Salon Series will begin with David Helfgott, the Australian pianist who has endeared himself to audiences all over the world. His remarkable life story was the subject of the Oscar winning film, Shine and he will perform the well-loved romantic classics including works by Chopin and Liszt and his famous rendition of The Flight of the Bumblebee.

Bernadette Robinson: Saturday 27th February
West End Star and one of Australia’s most versatile performers, Bernadette Robinson will recreate the magic of legendary singers including Edith Piaf, Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Maria Callas, Shirley Bassey and Aretha Franklin. The Times described her as a jaw-dropping talent following her triumph in London’s West End.

Gerard Willems AM: Friday 26th & Sunday 28th March
Australia’s pre-eminent Beethoven interpreter performs the Moonlight Sonata and works by Chopin, Bach and other greatly loved composers. This performance will be complemented by a specially devised menu.

Amelia Farrugia: Friday 23rd & Sunday 25th April
One of Australia’s best-loved sopranos who has sung many leading roles for Opera Australia is accompanied by acclaimed harpist, Verna Lee. The program of delightful French song will include popular arias such as The Jewel Song from Gounod’s Faust, as well as his captivating Ave Maria. In keeping with the French theme, another special menu will be devised.

Simon Tedeschi and George Washingmachine: Friday 28th & Sunday 30th May
Simon and George pay tribute to George Gershwin and his lyricist brother, Ira.

The acclaimed pianist and his vocalist/violinist colleague showcase the best loved songs and music of one of the greatest duos in jazz and popular music. Among the highlights will be Simon Tedeschi’s dazzling performance of Rhapsody in Blue.

Australia Piano Quartet: Sunday 27th June
Winner of both the judges’ and People’s Choice prizes at 2008 Sydney International Piano Competition, Konstantin Shamray returns to Sydney to join acclaimed cellist Thomas Rann in an enchanting program of Russian Romance, a highlight of which will be the Rachmaninov sonata in G minor for cello and piano.

Tickets can be purchased on The Langham, Sydney website at

In keeping with the strict guidelines regarding allowable seating, a limited number of tickets are available, including a certain number of early bird tickets. Pricing starts at $208.

Guests can buy a table of six or eight to sit together or alternatively, buy single tickets to join a table.

About The Langham, Sydney

Nestled in the historic rocks district on famous Kent Street, The Langham, Sydney boasts privacy and seclusion in the heart of the bustling city. A five-minute stroll through The Rocks to The CBD and Circular Quay with convenient access to Sydney’s most iconic experiences including The Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and Darling Harbour.

Comprising of 96 lavish rooms and suites, it embodies modern luxury and timeless elegance including impeccable design, quality finishes and attention to detail. With a focus on opening windows, Juliette balconies and expansive terraces, our beautiful rooms offer Western Harbour views or a Sydney city skyline outlook.

The Day Spa by Chuan is at the forefront of Australian spa experiences, with a pool featuring a star-dappled ceiling for swimming under the stars, day or night. Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood is served in the elegant Harbour Room. Breakfast and lunch and dinner is served in Kitchens on Kent, an interactive dining restaurant where fine dining meets luxury buffet. When the sun sets over Sydney, guests can relax in the cocktail lounge, Observatory Bar; exuding a seductive ambiance and serving gastronomical cocktails with an extensive wine and spirit list.

About The Langham Hotels & Resorts

Combining modern sophistication and timeless glamour, The Langham Hotels & Resorts is globally recognised for its exceptional intuitive service, contemporary art collections, award-winning culinary expertise and signature pink accents. Drawing on the brand’s distinctive British heritage from the opening of the flagship hotel in London in 1865, The Langham continues the legacy by delivering exceptional experiences with a touch of playfulness in London, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hefei, Haikou, Ningbo, Haining and Xiamen. Learn about the brand by visiting, and follow The Langham Hotels and Resorts on Instagram (@langhamhotels) and Facebook (@thelanghamhotels) and Twitter (@thelanghamhotel).