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Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram Temple or Grand Palace,
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to provide the latest update that the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) in Bangkok will be reopened Thursday, 4 June, 2020.

The update was posted on the Royal Office website (

TAT understands that the reopening will be under strict health and safety measures to control and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Therefore, when visiting the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, TAT would like to remind all to stay safe through this difficult time and follow the health and safety recommendations by keeping social distancing, wearing a mask or cloth mask, and frequently washing hands.


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Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office
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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Plan Ahead, Travel Later Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas Launches Digital eGift Offer

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This offer will be available for 30 days ending on 28th June 2020, eGifts booked during this period will be valid for 12 months.

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Local tourists embarking on a boat for a ride in the waters of
Ha Long Bay 
Photo: AFP
Vietnamese flocked to scenic spots and beaches on Sunday morning (May 17), leaping at the chance to travel as the government eases restrictions on domestic movement to revive a tourism sector devastated by the Covid-19 (coronavirus) over the last few months.

Hundreds waited to get on tourist boats to visit the famed karsts of the UNESCO heritage site of Ha Long Bay with few following social distancing norms.

Most removed face masks as they climbed on board and posed for selfies.

“This is my first time to Ha Long after Covid-19. I came here because there is so much beautiful scenery… and the pandemic is gone so I feel safe,” said Duong Quang Hieu, 21, from the mountainous northern province of Tuyen Quang.

“I’m planning to travel to Danang and other places too.”

Vietnam has won plaudits for its fast and aggressive response to the spread of the coronavirus, which has so far kept infections down to 318 with zero deaths despite its long, porous border with China.

But the swift closure of the country came at a cost. The tourism take plummeted to US$340 million in the first four months of the year, according to government statistics, down 45% year-on-year.

Doors remain closed to foreign travellers, but authorities are turning to the domestic market of millions wearied by long weeks of self-isolation and travel bans to get the tourist economy moving again.

“It’s nice to travel at this time. We have a wide range of hotels to choose from,” said tourist Phan Van Kien from Hanoi.

Kien said his family would travel domestically for the rest of the year with many international flights cancelled and fears still strong over the spread of the virus.

Read the full article at The Star:

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Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office
c/o 3rd Floor, Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, 154 Rama 1 Road
National Stadium, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2038 5071-1
Mobile: +66 8555 44234, +66 8098 95853


Photo: Global Travel Media
Billionaire Dhanin Chearavanont, chairman of Charoen Pokphand, is urging the government to relax lockdown measures and welcome foreign travellers as soon as possible, and turn the country into a “safe haven” for wealthy visitors.

Mr Dhanin, who is the chairman of the kingdom’s largest food and agriculture conglomerate Charoen Pokphand (CP) Group, said the move would help revive the tourism sector.

“Thailand’s economic losses from the lockdown are estimated to be at 16 billion baht per day or almost 500 billion per month, a longer lockdown will cost us more and more,” he said.

Thailand has been under lockdown since 09 March – 14 May 2020 (65days) after the government acted to stem an increase in confirmed Covid-19 cases. The government said the coronavirus infection rate is now about 1 per cent.

The economic impact of the lockdown is apparent as millions of workers applied for unemployment benefits. The tourism sector is also hit hard after the kingdom stopped taking in foreign visitor

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) did not report any new infections on Wednesday, the first time in 65 days since the lockdown began. The kingdom has recorded 3,017 cases.

“We can’t wait until a vaccine is developed and produced in sufficient quantity to roll out to the entire population,” Mr Dhanin said according to a recent interview in the Bangkok Post. Adding, “The economy won’t survive that long.”

He said the tourism sector accounted for 16-17% percent of GDP and should be revived due to improvements in the virus situation.

Mr Dhanin proposed the government attract high-spending tourists from across the world by highlighting Thailand’s success in containing the spread of Covid-19.

“The number of infection and death cases in Thailand is very low compared with other countries, even though our lockdown began later,” he said. “There were also a large number of Chinese tourists in the country.”

This reflects the fact that our doctors and hospitals are the best and we need to tell the world about it.

Mr Dhanin topped Forbes magazine’s “Thailand’s 50 Richest” this year. He is among 20 moguls in the kingdom whom Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha asked to develop relief projects to help people affected by the outbreak.

He said the government should take advantage of Thailand’s low Covid-19 figures and turn the kingdom into a “safe haven” for wealthy individuals from around the world.

“We have five-star hotels and resorts; we also have five-star hospitals and the best doctors,” Mr Dhanin said.

“If we can make rich people feel confident that staying in Thailand is safer than their own countries then they will come.”

He said now is the time for Thailand to shift its tourism image from “quantity to quality”.

“If we begin today, we can become a leader in this market,” Mr Dhanin said.

“Thailand is already well-known for its hospitality, warmth, and friendliness.”

“Impressed tourists will become repeaters,” he added. “One million wealthy tourists will equal five million normal tourists.”

Mr Dhanin said he believes the tourism industry will bounce back quickly in the aftermath of Covid-19 during the ‘new normal’.

“Many people may never go back into the office because they’ve learnt they can work [remotely] now,” he said.

“They may work from the beach, mountain or even overseas. It doesn’t matter as long as they can do their job.”

Mr Dhanin said CP has realised this new trend and will implement work-from-home policies among its employees in the aftermath of the virus.

“I think office buildings will be smaller in future,” he said. “There’s no need to build large buildings any more.”

“The large buildings we have now may be turned into condominiums or hotels instead,” Mr Dhanin added.

When asked what the government should do to help small and medium enterprises to stay afloat during the pandemic, the tycoon said it should issue 30-year bonds to raise money and offer soft loans to them.

“I think three trillion baht would be enough to prevent mass unemployment,” Mr Dhanin said.

“Many businesses are struggling to survive because they don’t have the liquidity they need to operate,” he added.

“The government needs to step in to ensure they can at least keep employing staff.” Mr Dhanin said this can be done because the country’s public debt is at 42% of GDP.

He said he has written to Gen Prayut in response to the prime minister’s request for help. CP will spend over 700 million baht to fund projects to help vulnerable people.

*Proudly contributed by Andrew J. Wood


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Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office
c/o 3rd Floor, Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, 154 Rama 1 Road
National Stadium, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2038 5071-1
Mobile: +66 8555 44234, +66 8098 95853

Feel Japan, Breathe Your Japan

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a spectacular mountain passage that cuts through the dramatic Northern Japanese Alps, traversed by various means of transportation including cable cars, trolley buses, and a ropeway. While its daytime scenery is magnificent, a stunning view of the starry night sky is only accessible to those staying at either the Midagahara Hotel or Hotel Tateyama, both located deep within the mountains at elevations of over 1,900m.


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Local travellers at the check-in counter at Don Mueang airport.
Tourism officials expect domestic travel to kick-start by June. 

Photo by Pornprom Satrabhaya
The tourism sector is unfazed by the possible extension of the emergency decree, with operators saying their businesses are flexible and it will not interrupt the goal to kick-start domestic travel nationwide in June.

The Tourism and Sports Ministry is planning to discuss with the prime minister permission to allow domestic tourism to start in provinces that reported zero new cases for the past 21 days, said Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn.

The partial kickoff will help operators run their businesses and reduce the likelihood of laying off employees. The government set a goal of recording 100 million domestic trips within this year.

Mr Phiphat said the ministry wants curfew times relaxed, which it will discuss with the Transport Ministry if the curfew is extended.

He expects state agencies to be the first mover in driving domestic tourism by booking meetings and seminar activities.

“Local travellers took 80 million trips during the second half last year, after 24.1 million in the first quarter this year, so the goal of 100 million is reasonable,” said Mr Phiphat.

Last year a stronger baht favoured outbound trips, but domestic travel during the last six months was robust.

While air traffic restrictions prevents some foreign travel, Thailand stands a good chance to boost the local market if the tourism sector succeeds in persuading the outbound market to travel domestically at least three times instead, he said.

Mr Phiphat said foreign tourists are likely to return in October at a level of 1 million tourists per month, possibly drawing 10-11 million tourists this year after welcoming 6.69 million international tourists during the first quarter.

Chairat Trirattanajarasporn, president of the Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT), said the emergency decree should be extended to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The government should let local tourism operators resume business in June to give them a lifeline, said Mr Chairat.

“The government should seriously tackle sensitive areas, such as nightclubs or pubs, which previously were the epicentre of the coronavirus spread, instead of strictly controlling the entire system,” he said.

Mr Chairat said the private sector has more serious issues to contend with, namely their financial woes.

On Thursday tourism operators had a meeting with the Tourism and Sports Ministry as most of them are still waiting for the Government Savings Bank (GSB) to approve soft loans under an agreement GSB made with the ministry on March 27.

Read the full article at Bangkok Post:

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Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office
c/o 3rd Floor, Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, 154 Rama 1 Road
National Stadium, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2038 5071-1
Mobile: +66 8555 44234, +66 8098 95853


Dear Traveler, Partner, Resident, and Friend of the Mekong Region:

Experience Mekong Collection members provide these locally authentic experiences to travelers and residents alike, which make the Mekong Region so exciting and interesting. Connecting with local culture and its people is the foundation of the Experience Mekong brand.

Now these experiences are in danger of not surviving these difficult times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses are struggling to pay their employees, and cover their expenses.

We all have a duty and a responsibility to now help these operators, for the better of sustainable and responsible tourism of the region for the short-term and the long-term. At Mekong Tourism, we believe that the Experience Mekong Collection protects and promotes inclusive tourism, and as such has been recognized as a global best practice of tourism promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

In order to help our Experience Mekong Collection members in these challenging, we are listing any businesses that are asking for donations. We are asking everybody to support these small responsible travel businesses, which we recognize as our shining lights of the Mekong Region. Let’s all come together to make sure that these lights will continue to shine for many years to come.


Visit the Experience Mekong Collection Donation Webpage at

Thank you!
Jens Thraenhart
Executive Director, Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office
Chair, Destination Mekong

#ExperienceMekongCollection, #MTCO

Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office
c/o 3rd Floor, Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, 154 Rama 1 Road
National Stadium, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2038 5071-1
Mobile: +66 8555 44234, +66 8098 95853


The next phase of Destination NSW’s Now’s The Time To Love NSW recovery campaign will be in market from next week to align with regional travel resuming, and includes television, social media, radio, and digital advertising throughout June and July.

After months of inspiring travellers to dream about that next adventure, Destination NSW will now focus on turning dreams into reality by enticing holidaymakers to hit the road as soon as possible, and plan that next getaway.

All advertising activity will direct potential visitors to for further inspiration and bookings - which means tourism businesses can get involved in the campaign just by signing up for a free Get Connected listing.

By listing a tourism product, attraction or experience on Get Connected, businesses can be featured on on region, destination and theme pages as relevant. Destination NSW will be creating itineraries and content to help travellers plan their NSW holiday and showcase the world-class experiences on offer right here in the state.

Keep an eye out for news across the weekend and Destination NSW will provide further updates next week.

Dragon Trail Interactive To Power The Events' First Virtual Platform at IT&CM China

IT&CM China and CTW China’s first 100% virtual exhibition event will fully take place on Dragon Trail Interactive (DTI)’s The Next Travel Market (TNTM) platform.

The bilingual ENG-CH interface available on PC, mobile and WeChat mini-program provides convenient single-entry access for both international and China-based delegates on their choice device. 

The comprehensive all-in-one proprietary system that supports two-way matchmaking and appointments with video chat; live conferencing; multi-media product presentations; networking; extensive data collection; and many more engaging features has made DTI the right Official Virtual Partner to deliver on the event’s business, education and networking proposition.

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TEQ welcomes Facebook as part of new 'Special Invite Series'

Following the industry update video series over the past months, TEQ has created a new ‘Special Invite Series’ that will feature some of our valued marketing partners providing insights, updates and learning opportunities for Queensland’s tourism and events businesses.

We are delighted to launch the new series with special guest Paul Nahoun, Head of Travel - Australia and New Zealand from Facebook to provide tips and tools to drive greater impact with travellers through both Facebook and Instagram. Topics will include top traveller behaviour insights and how to apply these to Facebook and Instagram, success stories and tools, and how to meet the needs of post-COVID customers.

TEQ’s social media team will also provide an update on our recent social media activity on Queensland’s channels, and our focus in coming months.

2:00pm – 3:00pm

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Limited places available