Thursday, 31 March 2011

ITB Asia

ITB Asia is a three day travel trade show and convention now in its third year. It had its debut in 2008 in Singapore.

International exhibitors of all sectors of the travel industry, Asia Pacific's leading companies and emerging small and medium-sized enterprises will meet with top buyers from the MICE, Leisure and Corporate Travel markets.

ITB Asia will feature a full range of travel products, services and goods, and at the same time will function as a knowledge platform for the industry along with the concurrently held ITB Asia Convention and partner events.

The world-renowned, international venue is the Suntec Singapore. It is a venue that is the perfect location for meetings, conventions and exhibitions. Situated in the Central Business District, while only 20 minutes from Changi International Airport, Suntec Singapore is at the heart of a self-contained, totally integrated events infrastructure.

In addition to its first-class facilities, Suntec Singapore offers direct access to 5,200 hotel rooms, 1,000 retail stores, 300 restaurants and the region's new centre for the performing arts, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

'A Little Bit of Italy in Broke' Italian Festival

Friendly locals, stunning scenery, fine Hunter wines, olives and olive oils, farm produce, seriously good eateries and great places to stay … what more could visitors want? The reality is, they’d just like to stay longer in this tranquil area of the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

The beautiful Broke Fordwich wine region is like a secret … one you can’t wait to share. And that is part of its true charm. Come and see why. The scenic Broke Fordwich stretch of the Wollombi Brook has quietly developed into a quality wine tourism region where visitors can enjoy premium wines, fresh olive oils and innovative farm gate products, wonderful restaurants and cafes, luxury accommodation and most importantly, a tranquil rural experience which is far removed from the hustle and bustle.

Friendly locals, stunning scenery, fine Hunter wines, olives and olive oils, farm produce, seriously good eateries and great places to stay … what more could visitors want? The reality is, they’d just like to stay longer in this tranquil area of the Hunter Valley.

The beautiful Broke Fordwich wine region is like a secret … one you can’t wait to share. And that is part of its true charm. Come and see why. The scenic Broke Fordwich stretch of the Wollombi Brook has quietly developed into a quality wine tourism region where visitors can enjoy premium wines, fresh olive oils and innovative farm gate products, wonderful restaurants and cafes, luxury accommodation and most importantly, a tranquil rural experience which is far removed from the hustle and bustle.

Situated in a wide section of the valley, the surrounding hills frame some of the best scenery in the area with the striking Brokenback Mountain Range and iconic Yellow Rock providing an impressive backdrop. The natural beauty of the region coupled with the great food, relaxed accommodation, skill and dedication of the locals has seen many couples choose Broke as the ideal place for their wedding.

Broke Fordwich is an easy fifteen minutes drive from the hectic centre of Pokolbin, about two hours drive from Sydney via the historic township of Wollombi, and just over an hour from Newcastle.

A Little Bit of Italy in Broke will be held in various venues around the Broke Fordwich Wine Region from the 9th and 10 April 2011 from to each day People can enjoy all the FUN and GUSTO at the Hunter Valley's Italian Festival - a little bit of ITALY in BROKE! This year sees the 4th 'A Little Bit of Italy in Broke' Italian Festival where visitors are encouraged to drop into any of the nine venues to sample a taste of "La Dolce Vita".
Your passport to travel, with map and info - available near the Broke Fire Station - will guide you around the participating venues in the area such as local cellar doors, olive groves and farm outlets where local wines, olives and other delights can be sampled. Visitors can even pick their own olives and visit other farm outlets. Selected venues will provide music and 'tasting plates' of Italian food for a small charge. Four local restaurants will be hosting an Italian-themed Dinner on Saturday evening accompanied by live music. There is free entry to all the day-time activities

For general enquiries call Phil Thornton 61 02 65791063.

Monday, 28 March 2011

China Holidays

Shanghai financial district
Visitors are often surprised to find out how modern China really is. Since the early 90's China has been in the middle of a building boom and infrastructure upgrade that has brought its tourism industry up to Western standards almost overnight.

Tourist facilities and transportation in large cities are superb.All major cities and tourism centers have undergone a total metamorphosis in visitor comfort and transportation facilities. Complaints of poor facilities, service or transportation have all become memories of the past.

Today visitors from Australia can tour China with ease and safety, as the crime rate is very low there.  They can stay in comfortable 4 & 5-star hotels, try new Chinese delicacies, enjoy familiar Western cuisine, shop in modern designer boutiques, or explore centuries-old markets and shopping arcades. Visitors can tour the countryside in modern coaches, relax in first class train compartments, or speed to the next destination by jet while exploring one of the oldest cultures of the world. Visitors can enjoy seeing some of the most extraordinary sights any where in the world. There is much to see in this vast country of 1.3 billion people that a visit of 10 or mare days is needed.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Big Red Bus Touring Company

Good friends of mine Lynne and Barry, formerly from Aberdeen, NSW, Australia, have taken the bold step of selling their home and purchasing a mobile home to travel around Australia. They travel where they want to, when they want to, to explore parts or rural Australia that sound absolutely amazing to see. Small country villages, national parks, mountains, rivers, beaches, are all destinations they enjoy traveling to for a few days exploring and relaxation.

The mobile home is a Winnebago, and has all the features that make it a home-away from-home on wheels- bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and lounge room.. A trailer is attached to the rear of the Winnebago and carries the car that they use to drive into towns that have limited parking for the rather long Winnebago.

They have started writing a blog about their travels, and I would recommend that people read it to learn more about the parts of Australia they visit that are often overlooked in national tourism campaigns. Lynne is a very talented photographer, and her web site has beautiful photos of the Australian countryside. Some of these she offers for sale at very reasonable prices, and would make wonderful presents to give to anyone in Australia or overseas. The website is:- and is available for anyone to view. (The name comes from the color and size of their mobile home.)

Friday, 18 March 2011

More Flights From Australia to China

More and more people are wanting to fly from Australia to China for business or holiday purposes. It will now be easier to fly to China under a new agreement that boosts airline seat numbers. Mr Anthony Albanese, Federal Transport Minister, said airlines from China and Australia would be able to offer up to 18,500 seats on flights between major Australian cities and China each week. The old cap on seats was 14,500 per week. This number will rise to 22,500 seats from February next year. Chinese tourism is currently worth $3.1 billion to the Australian Economy.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Upper Hunter Food and Wine Affair

The Upper Hunter Wine and Food Affair is held annually on the first weekend in May and attracts the best of the region's wine and food producers. The Wine and Food Affair is a great opportunity to sample what the region has to offer.

Take a stroll down Ogilvie Street in Denman, New South Wales, Australia and partake in some wine tasting. All tastes are catered for, whether you prefer a fruity Verdelho or a full-bodied Cabernet, you are sure to find something you like.
You won't go hungry either, with the various gourmet food producers and restaurant owners of the area providing samples of a wide range of local foods including cheeses, olive oil and many other fares. Live music, face painting and entertainment for the kids add to the festive atmosphere and makes for a great day out for the whole family. This year it is on Saturday 7th May 2011.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Tourism Growth in Malaysia Hinges on Effective Strategies

Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit has called for creativity and innovation among industry players, saying attractive tour packages and efficient service are keys to ensuring a vibrant growth in the tourism industry.

He said they should also continue to work hard to ensure satisfaction among their clients. “Create new attractions, offer competitive prices or discounts every year, treat them nicely and be sincere in dealing with them,” he told reporters after opening the 31st Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents Fair (Matta Fair 2011) at Putra World Trade Centre.

Dawos said it was important for the industry to continue growing in line with the ministry’s target of attracting 36 million tourists, bringing RM168 billion in tourism receipts, by 2020. The industry, he said, was the second biggest contributor to the country’s economy, with a turnover of RM56.5 billion last year.

He said the ministry had implemented numerous initiatives to identify potential markets by introducing places of attraction in Malaysia under the tagline ‘Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)’ and ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’. Dawos also said that the Malaysian tourism industry was not affected by the turmoil in several Middle East countries. In fact, he said, many of the people in the crisis-hit countries came to Malaysia to avoid being dragged along in the uprising.

'GO SARAWAK’:Dawos (second left) showing the ‘Go Sarawak’ posters during his visit to the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) exhibition booth after launching MattaFair 2011 at PWTC.  Matta president Datuk Mohd Khalid Harun is at second right.
Last year, Malaysia recorded 116,252 arrivals from United Arab Emirates compared to 101,664 in 2009, followed by 86,771 from Saudi Arabia, an increase compared to 77,082 in 2009, he said, adding that Arab tourists spent an average of RM7,000 each during their visits to Malaysia.

The three-day Matta Fair 2011 targets 80,000 visitors and RM100 million in sales.

Hainan Airlines honored as "SKYTRAX five-star airline"

On the evening of January 10, Hainan Airlines was awarded the honor of "SKYTRAX five-star airline" at an awards ceremony held at the National Centre for the Performing Arts. At the ceremony, SKYTRAX President Edward Plaisted presented the "SKYTRAX five-star airline" award to Mr. Wang Yingming, president of Hainan Airlines. With this award, Hainan Airlines officially becomes the world’s 7th five-star airline.
As a research and certification organization for the air transport industry, SKYTRAX evaluates more than 200 airlines around the world each year in regards to their service quality. As the global leader in the industry, SKYTRAX offers the most professional and authoritative evaluation and rating services. Star ratings for the airline industry vary from one to five stars with “five stars” being the highest rating. 

Founded in 1993, Hainan Airlines was the first mainland Chinese airline to be awarded SKYTRAX four-star status in 2009. In accordance with SKYTRAX’s rigorous evaluation standards and “eastern style service” concept, Hainan Airlines built an international service brand through its superior service programs that encompass “convenience, hospitality and surpassing expectations” as its core values. Hainan Airlines provides valued customers with unique and premium ground and cabin service, in-flight catering and entertainment based on diversified customer needs. As a result of its exceptional brand values and service, Hainan Airlines transitioned from four-star to five-star status in just one year.

At the "SKYTRAX five-star airline" award ceremony, HNA Group Chairman Mr. Chen Feng said, "By winning the ‘SKYTRAX five-star airline’ award, Hainan Airlines now becomes one of the world’s most successful airline brands in the industry, which fulfills its goals as well as a century long dream of the Chinese people.”

Hainan Airlines winning the SKYTRAX Five-Star Award, civil aviation's "Oscar" award, is not only a testament to its exemplary "service standards from the East" but also signifies the modernization of China's civil aviation industry. Hainan Airlines continuously maintains a high standard of eastern style hospitality to build a leading brand in the civil aviation industry

Living and Values - The Important Days of the Chinese

Traditional festivals are important events in the life of every Chinese, beginning right from childhood. Festivals such as the Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Winter Solstice are more or less evenly distributed across the four seasons. In China's traditional agricultural society, festivals served to mark the passing of time.
All Chinese festivals include common elements such as a desire for happiness and well-being, the warding off of misfortune, experiencing a connection between man and heaven, and family reunion. And, of course, Festivals are an opportunity for rest and relaxation. The Chinese are hard workers, so festivals and celebrations are a welcome chance for a change of pace. During China's traditional agricultural society, festivals were even national holidays.

The rhythm of China's traditional festivals was set by the sowing and reaping of crops. The Chinese New Year comes in winter when farmers are unable to work in the fields. The Lantern Festival ends the Chinese New Year season. Tomb-Sweeping Day, which is a day to pay respect to the deceased, comes between spring plowing and summer weeding. The Dragon Boat Festival is held after one of the harvests of the year is completed. The Chung Yuan Festival (to remove the guilt incurred by the sins of the dead) occurs in the middle of summer when not much work in the fields can be done because it is so hot. The Mid-Autumn Festival is held around the final harvest of the year. The Double Ninth or Senior Citizens' Festival occurs as farmers prepare for the coming winter. And the Tung Chih festival falls on or around winter solstice.

The Chinese New Year is also know as the Spring Festival. This is a time for family members to come together to "Guo Nian" or pass into the new year. Money in little red envelopes are given to children for good fortune. Homage is also paid to ancestors and gods. Firecrackers are set off everywhere, and dragon and lion dances are performed from the busiest cities to the most remote villages.

The Lantern Festival has been celebrated since the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-221 A.D.). During this festival, everyone carries colorful lanterns and gathers in a public place to have a lantern fair. It is also a time to eat glutinous rice dumplings which symbolize family unity.

The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates the date that an ancient poet and patriot committed suicide by jumping into the Milou River after losing the trust of the emperor. Because of this, the festival is also called Poet's Festival. According to the legend, people then launched boats to find his body and give it a proper burial. However, they could not find it. Then, the people threw rice dumplings into the river to satisfy the hunger of the sea creatures, so that the poet's body would not be mutilated. That is the origin of the dragon boat races and the eating of glutinous rice dumplings, which consists of sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves.

The Mid-Autumn Festival
is a day to worship the moon god. It is also the birthday of the earth god. The Chinese use this opportunity to express their gratitude to heaven and earth (represented by moon and earth respectively) for the blessing they have enjoyed. Round moon cakes are eaten on this day and are also symbolic of family unity. Unlike most other festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival is characterized by serenity and delicacy.

The lifestyles of the Chinese people have changed, but the importance of traditional festivals in their lives has not faded. Along with these major festivals, many other traditional festivals are observed in modern China that demonstrate the important place that tradition and longing for times past occupy in the life of the Chinese people. Besides the ethnic, geographic, historic, and linguistic ties that unite the Chinese, traditional festivals are one of the strongest bonds reinforcing the cultural identity of the Chinese

Thursday, 10 March 2011

China (Shanghai) International Meetings & Conferences Forum 2011

With the success of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, Shanghai has greatly improved its environment for meetings and tourism industry.

To further promote the development of Shanghai’s meetings and tourism industry in 2011, the first year of the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the "China (Shanghai) International Meetings & Conferences Forum 2011" will be jointly organized by the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and Hangzhou Tourism Commission. It is supported by ICCA China Committee (Mainland) and SITE China Chapter, and managed by Shanghai International Conference Management Organization.
The Forum will take place at Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai on April 12-13, 2011. As a kick-off event of the “Shanghai Business Events Week” in mid-April, this forum aims to strengthen the international exchanges, share the international and domestic development trends and improve the professional standards of all the players in the meetings and tourism industry with the theme of "Post - Mega Events Opportunities in China".

Industry professionals and experts from both international and domestic associations like ICCA, SITE, MPI and CMA and government officials will be invited to share the knowledge and experience with all the participants. Meanwhile, the Forum is organized as a pre-event leading to the 52nd ICCA Congress to be held in Shanghai in 2013. It will be a great platform for the industry players to communicate with the industry experts, help to enhance China’s competitiveness in meetings and tourism industry and improve the development of the market.

For more information see their website:

FHC China 2011

The FHC China 2011 – Food & Drink will take place 16-18 November this year. It is the 15th International Exhibition of Food & Drink and will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Pudong, Shanghai, China.

It will feature 3 important shows –
1) Wine & Spirits China (including the Sommeliers Wine Challenge, Sommeliers Tutorials, Gold Card Wine Day & Wine Theatre);
2) Tea & Coffee China (including the Ultimate Barista Challenge) and
3) Meat China (including the China International Meat Symposium).

Feature Events and Zones include the 13th FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition; Specialist Canning Zone, China Pizza Championship, FHC Ice Importer and Distributor Zone, Olive Oil China (Displays of leading Olive Oil suppliers to China) and the Great Chef's of Shanghai Gala Lunches.
For more information see their website

World Travel Fair Shanghai

The World Travel Fair will be held in Shanghai Exhibition Center on 12-15 May 2011. There will be more than 500 exhibitors from over 45 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, Pacific Ocean and Africa. Featured themes will include honeymoon vacations, health Medical tours, eco trips, cruise tours.

The World Travel Fair is sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and VNU Exhibitions Europe, and co-organized by VNU Exhibitions Asia and Shanghai International Conference Management Organization.

The venue is the Shanghai Exhibition Center, located in the Jing An distract. The SEC is divided into two parts, the north part and the south part. The southern part forms an exhibition area and includes the Introductory Hall, Central Hall, No.1 East Hall, NO.1 West Hall, No.2 West Hall, Friendship Hall. The No.2 East Hall in the north is designated as the conference area.

For more information see their website -

Optimism for Growth in the Holiday and Travel Industry

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) have announced that they expect the tourism industry to be one of the sectors to grow the fastest. They based this comment on Economic Impact Research which predicted trends for 2011 – 2021.

It showed that tourism could be a great way to spur on economic growth in the world but the WTTC  president explained that this would need to be supported by governments. He went on to explain that to make full use of the market out there the policy makers would need to make sure they encouraged visitors in to their country.

It is felt that this growth will be started in countries such as China and India where living standards are improving making these countries enter the tourism market. Economic problems may cause difficulties in the tourist trade but if responsibly handled by the government it could really help to support and push this growing area. Doing things like reducing barriers for travel, such as better visa systems, less tax on the travel industry and good security measures, could really help things.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

PATA 60th Anniversary and Conference

In 2011 the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) will celebrate 60 years of building tourism with a year-long campaign of events and activities.

Taking the theme ‘Building Tourism. Past. Present. Progressive’, the focal point of these celebratory activities will be the 60th Anniversary and Conference, 9-12 April, 2011 at the China World Hotel, Beijing. Bringing together more than 1,000 delegates from Asia Pacific’s travel and tourism sector, this represents a unique opportunity for key decision-makers to discuss and debate some of the major issues shaping what is now the fastest growing tourism region in the world (PATA predicts international arrivals will hit 530 million by the year 2020).

 The line-up of speakers and conference sessions will inspire delegates as they consider some of the new realities of the travel and tourism industry, including changing demographics, new technology, civil aviation, distribution challenges, as well as neethe to embrace environmentally responsible practices.

PATA’s premier media partner CNN has graciously sponsored anchor and correspondent Richard Quest, host of Quest Means Business and CNN Business Traveller to moderate Plenary 3: New Realities of Travel. Bringing his famously inimitable style to the conference stage, this promises to be an exciting and dynamic session.
Six decades ago a group of enthusiastic tourism professionals sought to realise the vast, untapped, potential of Asia Pacific tourism. PATA now celebrates its 60th anniversary, and looks forward to the next 60 years.
For more information, please email or visit our 60th Anniversary website 

China World Hotel Beijing

PATA 60th Anniversary & Conference will be held at China World Hotel in Beijing, China, below is the venue’s location.

One of Beijing's finest hotels, the China World Hotel, anchors the prestigious China World Trade Centre, Central Business District and is attached to the China World Shopping Mall. Just moments from the Forbidden City, the hotel sits on one of Beijing's most prestigious avenues, and is frequented by diplomats, businessmen and leisure travelers who wish to experience Beijing from an optimal location.

Located near many foreign embassies and only 45 minutes from Beijing Capital International Airport, the 716-room China World Hotel is the purest example of contemporary class, luxury and style in Beijing, China. Hotel guests can also take advantage from a host of other benefits that enhances the stay experience. The hotel is also home to Beijing's most state-of-the-art meeting facilities. It has many private function rooms, a 800-person ballroom, and a 2,000-seat Conference Hall.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A World Trip at GITF 2011

The annual Guangzhou International Travel Fair (GITF) will open from 24 to 26 March at Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center. As one of the most important international tourism exhibitions in China and the Asian-Pacific region, the 19th edition of the show will feast the eyes of visitors from home and abroad with a world-trip carnival. It will accommodate more than 500 exhibitors and will be open to trade visitors during the first two days and to the public on the third day. Over 60,000 visitors are expected to the site
Since the 16th Asian Games successfully lowered its curtain in Guangzhou, the city is now embracing an “after-Asian-Games Era”. As south China’s major city, Guangzhou’s tourism industry sees enormous opportunities. The GITF this year will undoubtedly contribute to the tourism development in both Guangzhou and the entire Asian-Pacific region.

The active participation by overseas players will render the travel fair more international, with 46% of the exhibitors from outside of China. The convening of international tourism leaders will add exotic charm to the fairground. In addition to the major tourist destinations represented in previous years, this year’s show includes tourism bureaus from Hungary, Israel, and Mexico. The supporting country Israel, the platinum sponsor Emirates Airlines, the largest individual international stand holder Macau City of Dreams, and the national tourism organizations from China Macau, China Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Dubai, Sri Lanka, India, Mauritius, Nepal, Cambodia and Slovakia, have all made bulkier investment in this year’s show. Newly developed tourism products and services will provide visitors with wonderful experience of traveling around the world.
Tourism organizations from Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Xi-an, Chengdu, Guizhou and Hebei also show a great interest in participation. Besides, Charming Guang-Shen-Zhu and Guang-Fo-Zhao City Union will join hands with tourism organizations from Dongguan, Conghua, Heyuan, Huizhou, Zengcheng, Jiangmen, Meizhou, Nan-Fan-Shun Union to wow the audience with a larger showcase scale than that of last year.

GITF 2011 is sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Tourism Administration and Tourism Administration of Guangzhou Municipality, and is organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. Active participation by domestic and international exhibitors as well as media worldwide will lead visitors into a wonderful journey around the world! The organisers look forward to meeting visitors in the gorgeous Flower City of Guangzhou!
 For further information: contact Ms. Karry Wang or Ms. Sissy Wang

HOTEL Asia 2011

HOTEL Asia 2011 is a unique business forum created for hotel owners, developers and operators across the Asia Pacific region. It will be held 19th - 22nd October 2011.

The venue is the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. With a private beach and views of the sparkling coral islands, the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa offers the serenity of a secluded tropical Kota Kinabalu luxury resort just 10 minutes away from the centre of downtown Kota Kinabalu. (For more information and stunning pictures of the resort see their website

For more information about HOTEC Asia 2011 see their website

Sunday, 6 March 2011

La Cumbre

The 22nd La Cumbre will take place September 7 – 9, at The Venetian Hotel, Resort, and Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 

After one complete day of conferences, 250 Travel Industry exhibitors and 300 pre-qualified buyers (wholesaler tour operators & retailers, incentive houses, event organizers, and event management companies) will attend pre-scheduled meetings during the following two intensive business days. The buyers will come from countries around the world including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Honduras, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

On the exhibitor side hotels, tour operators, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, resorts, and attractions will be represented.  There will also be representations from shopping, transportation, hotel management, theme parks, airlines, entertainment, spa, cruise lines, car rental, conference centers, dinning, gaming, ski, software solutions, educational, rail and media companies.

This year La Cumbre will feature a new segment: Golf Tourism. "This annual feature segment presentation is part of a strategic plan that provides and will provide new business opportunities to buyers and exhibitors." said Gaston Isoldi, Event Director and Director of Business Development for Reed Exhibitions Latin America.

La Cumbre will be held at the spectacular Venetian Hotel, Resort, and Casino, that jointly with The Palazzo will welcome this international event. This resort is known for being one of the few all-suite hotels in Las Vegas, with over 4,000 suites located in the 40 story high tower.  Additionally, The Venetian offers its guests a huge casino, over 70 shops and restaurants, together with replicas of Venice ́s St. Mark ́s church bell tower and the Rialto Bridge among others.

Companies interested in registering or inquire about their possibility to participate in La Cumbre 2011 should contact by e-mail at or  For more information on the event, visit

Friday, 4 March 2011

Europe Meeting & Incentive Travel Exchange

Europe Meeting & Incentive Travel Exchange (EMITE) is an exclusive appointment-based MICE event to be held 17-19 October in London. It will bring together hosted European buyers with travel suppliers from around the world to meet over 2 days in individual appointment suites.  It is different from other Travel Shows in that their will be no trade show floors and no booths. 

The venue will be The Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, a newly-opened contemporary hotel in the heart of London. It has 54 suites designed with separate sleeping and sitting rooms. The hotel's format is suitable for private meetings with buyers, strategy sessions and hospitality.

Each buyer/supplier appointment will be conducted in a private suit, designed with separate sleeping and sitting rooms.. The boutique style suites are equipped with all the state-of-the-art facilities expected of an upscale hotel, including a flat screen television, work space and complimentary Wi-Fi access.
The Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London also offers a full spa, fitness center and restaurants in addition to being centrally situated in London's South Bank. The hotel is within walking distance of the city's most iconic attractions, including Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment, the London Eye and the London Aquarium.

For more information see the web site:

The 8th East Asia International Travel Fair - Dalian, China.

With the overall upward situation of the Chinese economy, China's tourism industry has been growing. According to statistics of the National Tourism Administration, in 2010, China domestic tourists made 2.1 billion trips, a rise of 11%. China inbound traveler numbers grew by 19.2% to 52.11 million person/times compared to 2009. There have been 140 travel destinations open to travelers. Currently China is the fourth largest inbound travel reception country in the world.

Under the background of China’s emphasis on Bohai rim area, the State Council designated the development plan for the coastal area of Liaoning province as a state-level one. Thanks to those policies along with rich tourism resources, a favourite geographic location and a good traffic situation, Dalian, Wehai and other coastal cities will be given more opportunities for the growth of tourism. The Northeast China and Bohai rim area have become a fast growing tourist area with great potential, which has obtained world-wide attention from overseas countries..

The 8th East Asia International Travel Fair (EAITF) will be held on October 14th-16th 2011 at the Dalian Star-Sea Convention & Exhibition Center, in the Shahekou District, Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. It is sponsored by the China National Tourism Administration , the Liaoning Provincial Government and the Dalian Municipal Government.
EAITF has been specializing in the promotion of the outbound & inbound tourist market of East Asia, with North China in particular. It has received favorable responses from countries and areas of Asia, Europe, North & South America, and Africa. Various forms of promotional activities are made by over 50 countries and 32 China domestic provinces and regions. Since 2004, nearly 100,000 trade buyers have participated EAITF and yielded substantial results.

For more information about EAITF  see their website: