Thursday, 12 July 2012

High in the Sky at Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel
“Let’s play spotto to see who can see the hotel first” I said as we were in the taxi from Singapore Airport on our way to Marina Bay Sands Hotel, our accommodation for the next 3 nights. Little did I know, this was a pointless game, as once we were heading in the direction of the Harbour, the most prominent vision is that of the luxury Marina Bay Sands Hotel towering over the harbour. Its three towers, 57 stories high, even seem to be outdone by the impressive top level, immediately attracting my eyes to the boat-shaped structure so high in the sky. The pictures we had seen were incomparable to the actual sight, an amazing spectacle of architecture both day and night.

Foyer Marina Bay Sands Hotel
As we walked through the main entrance, we were overwhelmed by the massive foyer, a stunning piece of of architecture. It was like walking into an art gallery, with abstract statues and structures and a brightly coloured rainbow wall behind the reception desk. Check-in was a breeze, the hotel staff more than helpful and immediately we were whisked off to our room, 31 stories high overlooking the retro Singapore harbour. The buildings below lured us into a whirlwind of shopping for the next three days, all quite hazy as we ventured on and on through more amazing buildings, searching for the right designer handbag or shoes. After exhausting days, we were always happy to return to our haven, a triple room with separate bathroom, stunning design and  a massive window stretching across the entire wall, overlooking our days adventures. We would call room service, order delicious meals and relax for a while giving our tired feet a rest.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel
But it wasn’t bed time yet. With shops open until 11pm, it was time to get back out there before we got ready to head up to the top floor and have a few drinks at the Sky Bar. The red dim lights of the bar and bright lights of the city below combined to create a calming yet enthralling atmosphere. Sitting on the outside terrace of Ku De Ta is a must-do experience, unbelievable even at the time as it feels like you are at a nightclub in the clouds.

The many restaurants of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel are in a class of their own. Buffet breakfast includes anything from Western, 9Asian, Indian, bakery, and continental. So many buffet stands I was never able to try it all, however we did fall in love with the donuts for breakfast! If only there wasn’t so much other great food to try whilst here, this would be enough to satisfy for the day.

 Museum Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Sky on 55 restaurant was like walking into a wedding reception, with a personal waiter with service to match royalty, a delectable menu and of course stunning views. Again, like eating in the heavens as the fully glass walls allow you to view the sky, clouds and city below. The chef was more than happy to adjust the menu for our special needs, and even personally asked our opinion once finished. The restaurant is an experience like no other.

The infinity pool, stretching from one end of the roof to the other, really feels like one is floating on clouds. You can choose to relax on the sunbeds, some with fountains to massage your body at the same time, and a separate section for children so one can truly enjoy the tranquillity of floating in the sky.

Rooftop Infinity Pool Marina Bay Sands
After 3 nights of luxury, it was time to depart the boat in the sky and fly back home. There are still so many activities we just did not have the time to try. I’m sure the Day Spa and other restaurants are just as impressive of as the rest of the complex. At least I will always have an excuse to return to this most spectacular and unique hotel and see what else ‘Marina Bay Sands’ complex has to offer with its incomparable service one more time.

*Written by Guest Writer Sarah Llewelyn, who recently went for a short holiday to Singapore and enjoyed staying at the  Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

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