Thursday, 9 August 2018

Nick Day Marketing Expert at GOCO Hospitality

Nick Day
The name GOCO Hospitality represents what inspires them and ignites their passion: travel, movement, exploring new boundaries (GO), and the importance of creating and sustaining meaningful communities (CO).

Through deep-rooted relationships with their partners and guests, they are able to share their knowledge with the global wellness community, as well as offering their own holistic wellness programmes.

At GOCO Hospitality they approach their hospitality projects a little differently. It’s important to them that they celebrate our world’s diverse and fascinating cultures by embracing local traditions and customs in everything they do, blending regional stories with impeccable wellness offerings.

Nick is a passionate marketing expert with extensive experience creating and implementing effective communications strategies across a broad range of industries. Formerly a magazine editor, Nick transitioned into marketing, working for an international architecture and interior design firm and then a specialist travel and hospitality branding agency before joining GOCO Hospitality, a global leader in spa and wellness consulting and management.

Nick Day is a former magazine editor and now a huge marketing geek. He is the Marketing Communications Manager at GOCO Hospitality.

Nick is constantly working on ways to promote the company’s spa and wellness brands. Whether producing engaging social media content, developing promotional brochures, liasing with media contacts or delving into the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, Nick is comfortable handling all areas of marketing. Nick is also a key part of GOCO Hospitality’s concept development and pre-opening team, working with some of the biggest brands in international hospitality.

He is experienced in marketing communications and strategy development with an always up-to-date knowledge of the latest marketing trends, techniques and best practices

Skilled at inbound/content marketing, public & media relations, digital marketing, copy writing & editing, social media management, website optimisation and SEO, lead generation, brand strategy, and event management.

He has in-depth knowledge of the branding, hospitality, architecture & interior design, automotive, engineering and media sectors.

GOCO Hospitality

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