Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Italian tourists join biking tour to promote Viet Nam’s tourism

Garbin Mauro, Cacciatori Vittorio,
Mancin Vicenzo and Mantovan Mario
Four Italian nationals recently wrapped up their 24-day Viet Nam trip, including a 1,000-kilometer-plus biking tour stretching from the former imperial city of Hue to Vung Tau Province to promote Viet Nam’s tourism image to Italian people.

The 12-day cycling tour by the four Italian tourists, including three 64-year-old retired workers named Garbin Mauro, Cacciatori Vittorio, Mancin Vicenzo and a 54-year-old chief police named Mantovan Mario, started on February 26 and concluded on March 10, taking them to famous travel destinations spanning from central Viet Nam to the southern region on the 1,000-km journey.

During their biking trip, they grasped opportunities to showcase the beauty of Viet Nam to Italian friends back in their homeland by posting video clips on social media networks. They are expected to carry out numerous activities to convey Viet Nam’s tourism image to Italian people.

Garbin Mauro, head of the cycling tour, told the Daily that all of them share the same dream of visiting Viet Nam when they were still little kids and only saw the image of a heart-breaking Viet Nam seriously hit by the wars through TV screen.

And therefore, they have decided to make a fact-finding trip to the country to witness how Viet Nam has changed since the war. The best way for them to gain an insight into the Southeast Asian country’s natural landscapes along the journey and get a touch of daily lives of local people was to use bicycles as a means for their trip, he explained.

The four Italian tourists took a year to prep for the trip and garnered enthusiastic support from the Viet Nam-Italia Friendship Association, the Viet Nam Union of Friendship Organizations and Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism to fulfil their dream of arriving in Viet Nam.
Source: SGT

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