Friday, 1 June 2018

Kawayu Eco Museum Center

Kotan as “so beautiful village with the back of the Lake”
Kotan means vlillage in Ainu
It is not well known that from when Japanese indigenous Ainu People started to live here because they did not have a word characteristics. Kussharo Kotan was recorded in the book in 1859 at the first place. This is a book of Kusuri Diary rewritten by Takeshiro Matsuura who was ordered by Ezo Shougunate to research Hokkaido. According to the record, there were seven houses at the Kotan and writer raved the Kotan as “so beautiful village with the back of the Lake”. You can now see Alter called Nusasana and gauge which was used to have child bear inside.

Visit Ainu Folklore Museum
Ainu Folklore Museum
Earthenware, any other old equipment and Remains of 8000-6000 years old were found around Kotan. You can see these items in Kussharo Kotan Ainu Folklore Museum located in the Kotan. This museum opened in 1983 to introduce Life of Kussharo Ainu. You can see the valuable movies of hunting Ezo-deer at Kawayu Peninsula and “Iomante” which was one of the most important ceremony for Ainu People.

Open:29th April ~31st October
Time:9:00AM ~ 5:00PM
administration:Adult420yen, Child340yen
Group(more than 20people)Adult340yen Child200yen
℡015-482-2340(Teshikaga -town)

kotan Onsen very attractive!
kotan Onsen
Openair bath “Kotan” is located along the lake. Dresing rooms are set and a big rock is between mens and womens. As manager of Onsen cleans bath regularly, you may take bath freely. This Onsen becomes famous spot because you can see sunset, starry sky or swans in winter. However, this onsen is just next to locals. Please protect manners when you take bath.

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