Friday, 25 May 2018


The white sand beaches of Mui Dinh were
just one of the many things that attracted.
The award-winning architecture firm Chapman Taylor was recently given the green light to build an ecopark resort in Mui Dinh, the sleepy, sandy coastal town in southeastern Vietnam. The resort will cover 1,800 acres and consist of six resort hotels, one boutique hotel, a casino, a theme park, 500 ocean-facing villas, a beach club and a mountain clubhouse. When it’s all said and done, that’s 7,000 rooms of brand new hospitality plunking itself into an as-yet-undeveloped slice of southeastern Vietnam.

Mui Dinh sits well off the traditional tourist track, though it’s considered by those in the know to be one of Vietnam’s hidden gems. The geography is remarkably varied—it combines sweeping sand dunes, lush, tropical jungle and crystal clear waters in a way that only rural Vietnam knows how. Unique wind patterns shift the sand dunes inland and toward the coast each year, meaning the landscapes of Mui Dinh change almost daily. The ecopark resort will rest on a mountainous outcrop next to the South China Sea.

Chapman Taylor’s Southeast Asia Director, Oscar Martinez, explains that the project began after his Bangkok-based team visited the Mui Dinh region themselves. “The site boasted turquoise waters, white sand beaches, mountains, a hill with an old lighthouse, and a beautiful coastline of sand dunes, wild winds, cactuses, and coves. We were struck by the unique mix of elements and the richness of the ecosystem, which had only recently been inaccessible.”

Chapman Taylor’s renderings of the Mui Dinh Ecopark give clues as to what the finished project will look like. The six resort hotels shoot up from the earth like limestone hillocks, a design that looks curiously similar to the landscapes surrounding Alila Yangshuo. In front of the hotels are the villas and other amenities, which lie low next to the ocean. The theme park appears to be a bit behind and off to the side of the resort hotels, which you can see in the overhead rendering above. When it’s complete, the Mui Dinh Ecopark will be one of the largest hospitality and leisure mixed-use developments in all of Asia.

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