Monday, 28 May 2018


2018 NSW Wine Awards
The judging of the prestigious 2018 NSW Wine Awards will take place in the Southern Highlands for the first time in the region’s history.

The Southern Highlands food and wine association in conjunction with NSW Wine will manage the judging of the awards this coming September, with over 800 entries expected from the best winemakers across NSW.

NSW is the second largest wine producing State and accounts for over 31 per cent of production in Australia. The NSW wine industry employs 21,000 people directly, which produces over $2 billion in food and wine tourism for the state of NSW.

The Southern Highlands Food and Wine Association President Mark Bourne said, "We are thrilled that the Southern Highlands will host the NSW wine awards for the very first time in the region’s history and we are keen to showcase to the judges and the NSW wine industry the local wine industry's professionalism and drive for excellence and the regions great natural beauty and generous hospitality."

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