Sunday, 13 July 2014

FREE Photo-Sharing app from Perth Puts your Moments on the Map

We've all been on holiday taking endless snaps of incredible places, amazing dishes, and a few selfies of course. But imagine if you could share these photos with your friends on a map and show them exactly where you were when you captured that moment. Welcome to Kojai.

Kojai is an innovative new photo-sharing app that uploads your pictures onto a map through live geo-tagging. Using Facebook and Twitter, you can share your posts with friends, and discover the places they're checking out too. The images posted on social media are accompanied by a unique mini map, pin pointing where you stood when you got that awesome shot. Sharing your story has never been more visual! It's perfect for when you're travelling, blogging or just bragging about the hot hangouts you've been to.

Although you are revealing your location with your friends, you share what you want, when you want. “Kojai gives you the power to choose how your information is revealed and to whom,” says Kojai's Lead Developer Christopher Lowe. “The user's privacy is our top priority, and was essential to the app's development,” he says.

As long as your phone's camera GPS is on, it will record the location any photos you take, so you can upload it to your Kojai map at any time, plus activating 'Private Mode' will hide where you are when you post or log in to Kojai.

Unlike other apps where location features are an afterthought, geo-tagging is the core of Kojai. “It's perfect for meeting up with friends at new locations, large campuses or at festivals. We can all log in and find each other,” says Amir Farhand, CEO of Kojai. Furthermore, if a friend gives you food envy but didn't name the restaurant, Kojai will pin point where you can hunt that dish down. Have all of this at your fingertips with no fees, no adverts and no private information recorded.

So whether you want to share an oozing donut at a local bakery, or a selfie at the Sydney Opera House, let Kojai put your moments on the map.

Available to download for free on iPhone now via the App Store.

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