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CYRIL EBERLE - Creative Storyteller and Photographer

Cyril Eberle
MALAO studios is a creative hub for professional artists, filmmakers and photographers in Luang Prabang, Laos. MALAO studios supports Lao artists in meeting, exchanging ideas, and training together in workshops and seminars; it also helps them to do their bit in developing a market for their art that makes it possible to work as a professional.

Cyril Eberle is a Producer & Creative Director  Photographer,  and Film Director fluent in English, French, and German

He is a devoted storyteller with a career spanning documentary, short-film, commercial, online, music video, media installation, event movie and corporate productions.

Cyril Eberle is a storyteller with strong visuals and emotional depth who loves pushing his actors for sincere and authentic performances. 

Since 2012, Cyril has worked as an independent film director, creative director and photographer. 
While creative concepts and storytelling are his passion, Cyril has accumulated a wealth of experience in all aspects of production and post-production. Cyril set up three offices for Avantgarde Film in Berlin, Dubai and Shanghai.

He was head of production and creative director, working for international clients around the world. Cyril has worked for renowned clients such as Audi, ARRI, BMW, Emaar, FIFA, Foster+Partners, Ford, MINI, Mubadala, Masdar, Nike, Nokia, Philip Morris, Sony, TDIC, Telstra, twofour54, Volkswagen and many more. Since 2012, Cyril has worked as an independent director, creative director and photographer.

Cyril has directed and collaborated on films such as Arabic Fusion, Hasard, Ruman, Dayfly, The Mysteries of the Mekong and This Little Land of Mines. He is currently in development of a TV documentary series named My Next Challenge and feature documentary SOLUTIONS for sustainable humanity.

His experience includes:
  • Creative Director - TYPE-C productions PTE LTD, March 2018 – Present  Singapore
  • Creative Director: Double Exposure Productions, January 2015 – Present (3 years 8 months)UAE
  • Freelance concept development and creative direction.

MALAO Studios
Studio Address: Ban Wath Thatnoy, Phothisalath Road, Luang Prabang, Laos PDR
P.O. BOX 059
Phone: +856 2055199331, +856 2309114470

Phone: SG | +65 8145 5596; LA I +856 20 5222 08 26 ; DE I +49 172 851 3553

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