Sunday, 17 June 2018

Asia-Based Secret Retreats Partners with Europe-Focused les Collectionneurs and Romantik Hotels & Restaurants

Xavier Alberti,
CEO of les Collectionneurs
Secret Retreats, a collection of more than 100 independently owned boutique hotels, restaurants and cruises across Asia, has partnered with France-based les Collectionneurs, a community of restaurateurs, hoteliers and travellers primarily in France and Italy presided over by chef Alain Ducasse, and Romantik Hotels & Restaurants offering experiences primarily in Germany and Austria. By cooperating together, the communities, which share the same values, vision and selection criteria for their members, aim to introduce new travellers to their respective geographic destinations.

The partnerships will help serve each communities’ existing members and clients by promoting the other’s offerings allowing travellers in both Europe and Asia to meet passionate restaurant owners and hoteliers and discover the richness of authentic hospitality on these two continents.

“For les Collectionneurs, curiosity is a beautiful quality. It is curiosity that brings us to know each other, to visit, to explore, and to enrich new landscapes, flavours and experiences. Curiosity has no boundaries and when you have the taste for travel, which is true for les Collectionneurs, it does not stop at the borders of Europe. With Secret Retreats, we share this taste for travel and are pleased to see our community grow to another community that champions the same values,” said Xavier Alberti, CEO of les Collectionneurs.

“Secret Retreats shares a common objective with les Collectionneurs – to continually discover and help other people discover. We share the same commitment to quality and service and we also like to share our "secrets" – our knowledge and our terroirs – with other travellers. By entering into this partnership, we are certain that travellers who have trusted Secret Retreats over the past six years to explore Asia will now find the same insight and intimate experiences across Europe with les Collectionneurs’ exclusive restaurateur and hotelier members,” said Secret Retreats Managing Director, Stéphane Junca.

“Guests have a desire for travel experiences beyond borders of countries and continents. Secret Retreats, les Collectionneurs and Romantik can satisfy all these requirements with their premium offers and are a perfect match,” said Thomas Edelkamp, CEO of Romantik Hotels & Restaurants.

Les Collectionneurs and Romantik Hotels & Restaurants together boast 585 members in 17 countries including:
  • 390 in France
  • 106 in Germany
  • 21 in Austria

Among the 585 members:
  • 365 are hotels and restaurants
  • 120 are standalone restaurants
  • 80 are hotels
  • 20 are countryside inns in France
  • Secret Retreats encompasses 120 members in 16 Asian countries including:
  • 52 boutique hotels, lodges and tented camps
  • 12 private villas
  • 15 yachts and boats
  • 20 Japanese ryokans
  • 21 standalone restaurants

To celebrate the partnership and better serve travellers with exclusive information, resources and booking options, an enhanced version of will be released from mid-June to September.

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