Sunday, 6 May 2018

Travel has a diversity and equality issue

Lisa Wilkinson
Australia has a diversity and equality issue. You can help rectify it.
  • 76% of adverts feature only Caucasian actors. Fact. 
  • Women are paid on average 23.3% less than men when doing the same job in travel. Fact.
  • 71% of travel industry employees are female. Fact.
  • Only 30% of CEOs and Heads of Business in travel are female. Fact.

The travel industry can help correct these percentages from within. Attend Changing the Ratio and learn how. 

Changing the Ratio
Monday 28th May - Belvoir St Theatre, Sydney
Tickets now on sale - $499 + GST. Groups of 5 or more $449 + GST.

Speakers include:
Lisa Wilkinson Co-host, The Project
Tamara Howe Marketing Director, Kellogg ANZ
Deng Thiak Adut Partner, AC Law Group
Cameron McIntyre Managing Director & CEO, Limited
Willie Pang CEO, MediaCom
Kirsty Muddle Founding Partner/Chief Innovation Officer, Cummins & Partners Australia

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