Sunday, 20 May 2018

Mong ethnic costume to be introduced at Miss Tourism Queen Int’l

Dieu Linh
Vietnamese representative Dieu Linh has unveiled the Mong ethnic costume which she will wear for the national costume competition at the Miss Tourism Queen International 2018 pageant in Thailand.

According the Vietnamese representative, apart from Ao dai, Vietnam has a rich variety of other colourful outfits to be introduced to the world, and the traditional clothing of the Mong ethnic group are among them. For this reason, she selected the outfit, which takes inspiration from the traditional costumes of the Mong ethnic minority group, for introduction at the international playground.

The Mong ethnic costume is designed by Ngo Manh Dong Dong. Brocade is a key material, and it features hand embroidered designs by Mong ethnic people from Ha Giang Province.

The Mong ethnic costume is designed to allow Linh to show off her wonderful figure for the pageant.

The shirt is inspired by the wedding costumes of Mong ethnic people.

The outfit is complimented with a hand embroidered hat and shoes.

The entire outfit, including silver necklace and earrings, weighs more than 30kg.

The costume was made over 2 months by 26 artisans.

Dieu Linh modeled the costume for a photoshoot as the first activity of the Miss Tourism Queen International 2018 pageant on May 9.
Source: NDO

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