Tuesday, 1 May 2018


MTF 2018
Hosted by the Ministry of Tourism & Sports of Thailand (MoTS) in Nakhon Phanom at the Mekong River bordering to Laos from June 26-29, will focus on the trend of transformational travel with the theme “Transforming Travel – Transforming Lives”.

After inspiring keynotes in the morning, MTF 2018 will feature eight topical tracks each in ethnic villages all around Nakhon Phanom. 

The day prior, we will host the second MIST (Mekong Innovative Startup Tourism) Travel Startup Conference, in partnership with Destination Mekong and the Mekong Business Initiative, supported by ADB, MTCO, and the Australian Government, to support local travel and tourism startups. 

For the first year, we will feature the Mekong Mini Movie Festival, including the “Film & Destination Marketing Conference”, as well as Film Screening and Awards Ceremony. Optional post-MTF technical tours allow to explore the area around Nakhon Phanom. 

Don’t miss this year’s Mekong Tourism Forum, which is taking delegates into ethnic villages for an immersive and transformational experience. 

MTF 2019 will be hosted in Yunnan by the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA).

Mekong Tourism Forum 2018 in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand – June 26-29, 2018

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