Thursday, 7 June 2018

Enjoy Your Special Day at Hiraodai Countryside Park !

Hiraodai Countryside Park
Hiraodai Countryside Park, which is the most distinguished Japanese Karstic Hiraodai Park, has a worthwhile experience for the visitor.

This Park's basic themes are man communing with nature, contact with regional industry, contact with regional activity, and the harmony between the characteristic of Hiraodai and landscaping. In this park, there is 22ha of lawn square with observation platform, and a wild grass garden. 

There is also a plateau fruit tree garden. Moreover, the visitor can enjoy the experience of doing activities such as making buckwheat noodle (soba), ceramics, art flower, and woodwork. 

The visitor can also enjoy a relaxing and easy environment with a workshop, restaurant, and gift shop. 

The Hiraodai countryside park is not completed yet. The care taking and landscaping will involve the participation of citizens.

The size of Hiraodai Countryside Park is almost equal as Akiyoshidai Park in Yamguchi as its geographical greatness. Hiraodai is designated as a special natural treasure, semi-natural park, and prefecture nature park. With the characteristic of Karstic geographical such as Yougunbaru, Pinnacle, Senbutsu limestone cave, and under grounded river, Hiraodai's nature , which features animals and plants, will be explained in following parts.

Hiraodai Countryside Park
1-1-1, Hiraodai, Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyushu 803-0186
TEL. 093-452-2715 FAX. 093-452-2720 

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