Monday, 14 May 2018

Sunrise with Wallabies Tour

Sunrise with Wallabies Tour
Sunrise with Wallabies Tour is one of Australia's iconic wildlife experiences, where Eastern Grey Kangaroos and Agile Wallabies come onto the beach to feed on mangrove seed pods. 

Nowhere else in the wild will you get so close to Kangaroos and Wallabies. Such a wonderful opportunity to capture a magical moment of sunrise on the beach with our national symbol, and reflect on our role in looking after Australia natural beauty. 

Join Sam on your guided tour of this amazing experience! Sam will provide each participant with a receiver (Please bring a set of Ear Buds or if you require we can offer a pair for an additional $3) through which you will receive amazing information on the animals, Cape Hillsborough and even some handy photo tips.

Location: Risley Parade, Cape Hillsborough, Queensland, 4740, Australia

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