Friday, 18 May 2018


Travel Experience
LinkAge is a pretty corner in crowded downtown of Yangon, Myanmar where you can enjoy a great collection of Myanmar Fine Art (paintings) and delicious food prepared and served by enthusiastic young adolescents with dignity!

Linkage Restaurant is a social project as well as a link to Forever Humanitarian & Development Projects, a volunteer group founded in 2010. This training restaurant project is the fruit of the French Government Human Rights Prize 2010 and its objective is to promote the integration of street children in to the society through vocational training and better educational access. However, the project helps not only the street children but also the marginalized and under privileged youth coming from the remote areas. The project helps youth who wants to build up their capacity to find better jobs and to have a carrier for life. We are trying to be sustainable and to be able to help more children in the future. Previous students have been placed in different restaurants and hotels.

Business Case
Forever was founded in 2010 by a group of volunteers to raise the voice of needy ones through small-scale development projects (self-help group creation, training for income generation activities, youth capacity building, promoting ecological awareness). Since 2010, Forever has helped women and children through micro-finance loans, scholarships and vocational training. At present, Forever is undertaking -
  1. Scholarships Project 
  2. Women Saving Group Project 
  3. LinkAge Restaurant & Art Gallery Project.

In the future, Forever aims to expand its capacity in organic farming to link with the training restaurant project as well as to distribute the organic agricultural products to hotels, restaurants and to the supermarkets.

LinkAge – Yangon, Myanmar
Year of Establishment: 2010
Address: No. 141, 1st floor, Seikkantha Street, Between Mahabandoola and Merchant Roads, Yangon 11182, Myanmar
Phone Number: 09 451933034

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