Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Welcome to Yanagawa Kawakudari!

Yanagawa Kawakudari
Yanagawa "Kawakudari" (going downstream) is a punt tour of the waterways in Yanagawa ramified across the city like a mesh including the old castle's moat.

The wide and narrow waterways' network spans a total length of about 470km forming a unique landscape of the water district called "Suigo". This atmospheric beauty inspired a great poet Kitahara Hakushu born and raised in Yanagawa, and the landscape has been adored by many later literati and artists following Hakushu.

This precious historic heritage was formed in the course of people living and prospering together with water. Preventing inland flood by temporarily storing rain water during stormy seasons and supplying water for agricultural use or in case of fire fighting, the waterways are deeply connected to people's daily life in Yanagawa to this day.

Our punt tours start from Shogetsu and end at Okinohata area (including Ohana in option), about 4.5km in distance, passing through the old castle's water gate and calmly winding downstream for fulfilling 70 minutes.

Enjoy the relaxing ride and beautiful surroundings of our punt tours in Yanagawa!

Yanagawa Kawakudari"Shogetsu" Punting Station
Yanagawa Kanko Kaihatsu K.K.,
329, Mitsuhashimachi Takahatake, Yanagawa, Fukuoka 832-0826, Japan
Tel: +81 (944) 72 6177
Fax 81-944-72-1000

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