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Nachi Falls is One of the Best-known Waterfalls in Japan

Nachi Falls

Photo Credit: Wakayama Prefecture

This 133 meter tall waterfall boasts the longest drop in Japan, with one ton of water dropping down the cliff every second.

It enshrines the deity of Hiro Shrine, the auxiliary shrine of Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine. This awe-inspiring and dynamic view is truly unforgettable.

Access: Ride the Kumano Kotsu Bus from JR Shingu Station and get off at "Taki-mae".

Kumano Nachi Shrine is one of the Kumano Miyama together with Kumano Honkyu Taisha Shrine of Tanabe City and Kumano Hayato Taisha Shrine of Shingu City.

It is also the head office of Kumano Shrine where there are about 4,000 companies nationwide, and is a thick company that is highly respected as the first largest spirit place in Japan, Nemoto Kumano Mikoto.

Since ancient times we were called "Umi (Musubi only)") by the Shinto deity of the festival "Kumano Yuu Sumi Ogami", and it was worshiped not only by the edge of people but also as a temple connecting various wishes. Nachi Otaki prayed for nature and pray for life expectancy, and pray for guardian of traffic and maritime safety as a guiding god by the auspicious movement of Yao Wu, and furthermore the trees of the tree of Sakiki are safe It is worshiped. It is a shrine with gracious Blessed deities with the nature of Kumano.

About Kumano Nachi Taisha

Our company originated from the eastward san of God Japan Bamai Yukihiko (Kamiyamito Hikariko Mikoto).

In 662 BCE, the line of God Japan Bottomahiko was landed at Tsunamiura (Nishi Ura) (present Nachi no beach).

When I found a mountain where one line shining, headed for the mountain, I was probed and discovered Nachi Taki, and I was enshrined as a visionary owner of Otanomi Taki . 

God Japan Brawl Huhiko 's line entered the land of Kashihara of Yamato, safely by the leadership of Yu Yu Wu used from Amaterasu Ogami, was enthroned as Emperor Jinmu the first emperor on February 11, 660 BCE It was. 

It is said that Yao Wu returned to the land of Kumano, who has finished his lead role, and is now taking a rest with a stone changing. (Crow stone)

Then, Kumano gods are descended to Hikarigamine, but had been deified in your Takimoto, Nintoku 5 years (317 years), again shrine formed in the middle of the mountain, Kumano of the gods, your I transcended God of Taki.

This is the beginning of Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine.

Nachi's Taki is a shrine dedicated as a parishion of Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine, Futaki Shrine.

Kumano Nachi Taisha
Nachiyama 1 Nachikatsura-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-5301
TEL 0 735-55-0321 / FAX 0735-55-0643

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