Tuesday, 30 May 2017


The hotel on the hill will be the venue for the Mekong Innovative Startup Tourism (MIST) final startup pitch competition. During MTF, delegates will debate hotel investments while enjoying a spectacular view.

Luang Prabang View opened its doors in 2010 as a 5 star hotel with 74 rooms and has five categories of rooms, ideal to suit a wide range of guests from all over the globe.

This Venue will host the MIST on Tuesday 6th of June and will be one of the 16th venues. A great opportunity to show its leadership as an incentive hotel able to hold various groups and function to cater for all requests.

John Morris Williams, General Manager of the Luang Prabang Views share his thought about MTF 2017 with our storytelling team: Léa and Simon. Please also see the article “When Luxury meets Sustainability“.

Could you describe your position at Luang Prabang View Hotel?

John Morris Williams (J): I am the General Manager of the hotel. My responsibilities include improving the hotel and it’s direction in order for it to become a leading model here in Luang Prabang, as well as being the owner’s consultant for his business adventures.

Why are you happy that Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office have chosen Luang Prabang as a host for their future forum next June? How does it benefit your organisation?

J: Mekong Tourism Forum has been a great help for our green season period, where we experience the lowest occupancy.

Overall MTF brings in a wide range of people who can then talk about our city, hotels and Laos in general, opening more doors and avenues.

It’s also a great way to meet new people. Making friends is very important.

What do you think about the new format of the MTF 2017?

J: Nicely put together to share the venues and spread the event throughout the town.

It also creates opportunities for all 16 venues to showcase their abilities and what they offer, again creating a team effort.

Finally it gives clients a view of the city which is vital for Luang Prabang to share venues in any event.

Can you tell us more about the Mekong Innovation Start-up Tourism (MIST) event that Luang Prabang View Hotel will be hosting?

J: It’s of great value to the city hotels and those who contribute to work outside the box. This concept is required at all times to improve, MIST helps those who need some help and gives them guidance for the future SME.

It’s a great initiative for sure. Moving towards the future.

Finally, a word about your future project “Wearelao.com”?

J: “Wearelao.com” is a new website that will cover all of Lao in regards to questions we have encountered from Travel agents and guest alike.

We are in the early stages of this ambitious project.

Keep an eye open for August/September when we launch the site with over 800 pages, links and connectivity to the world!

We hope to be able to support Lao Tourism in their endeavour to create more awareness and bring tourists to all destinations in Laos.

www.wearelao.com site will be fully operational by August 2017

Visit http://www.mekongtourismforum.org/

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