Thursday, 5 April 2018

Not long now till the Canowindra International Balloon Challenge

Canowindra Balloon Challenge
Each year the skies above Canowindra come alive with the roar of the burners and visual spectacular provided when mass hot air balloons take flight in competition, joy and commercial flying.

Visitors to the festival can wake up each morning to the visual spectacle of a mass launch and flight of a fleet of colourful hot air balloons, or take a flight themselves.

The event highlight is the night balloon glow, fire and light spectacular with wine, food and craft markets. Various support events are held around the village during the week.

During the Canowindra Balloon Challenge, the town receives over 10 thousand visitors to see the balloons. The wide open spaces, ideal weather conditions, and friendly local people make this an ideal area for hot air ballooning.

The event in 2018 will be run over 8 days during the NSW school holidays, 21st to 29th April 2018.


Canowindra is approximately 320km west of Sydney in New South Wales; the drive by car takes around 4.5 hours from Sydney Airport, depending on traffic and road conditions. Canowindra is a small country town with a population of 2000 people. A charming, and typical Australian country town, with some lovely, but limited number of restaurants, cafes and pubs. Enjoy these unique places, but remember forward bookings are essential during the event.

The town features a heritage-listed main street and a collection of art galleries showing works by local painters, potters and artisans. Canowindra became world-famous in 1955, when a 360-million-year-old fossil was found. Today, you can see it among other fascinating exhibits at the amazing Age of Fishes Museum.

The region boasts an abundance of fresh food and unique wine which will be showcased at the Balloon Glow and Night Market.

Throughout this site you will find information to assist you in planning your attendance at our event, whether you are a participant, volunteer or spectator.


Download the 2018 program here. The program will be downloadable and the printed colour souvenir program will also be available at selected outlets in Canowindra and from regional visitor information centers.


Canowindra Balloon Challenge
21st to 29th April, 2018
  • Full event

Monday 23rd to Friday 27th April
  • Official Balloon Competition

Wednesday 25th ANZAC Day
  • 6am: Dawn Service
  • 10.45am: March along Gaskill St followed by Main Service
  • 6.30pm: ANZAC Campfire Cookout and Concert

Saturday morning 28th April
  • Key Grab

Saturday 28th April
  • Balloon Glow, 'Forever Diamond' concert
  • Gates open from 3.30pm

Tickets are available online for Campfire Cookout and Balloon Glow.

Find out more about the Balloon Glow.

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