Friday, 11 May 2018

Upcoming Secret Tables Pop-up Events:

JL Studio in Taichung
Saturday, 12 May & Sunday, 13 May
Locavore x JL Studio in Ubud, Bali

In November 2017, Chefs Eelke, Fido and Chris were invited to cook at JL Studio in Taichung, Taiwan. The success, fun and passion of this international collaboration now sees Chef Jimmy Lim return the visit, this time to share the Locavore kitchen for lunch and dinner service. Chef Jimmy will present one third of the lunch and dinner menus, Ray and Eelke will present another third, and all chefs will collaborate on the final third, bringing a fresh and exciting variety of flavours to the table.
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Friday, 18 May
Chef Black (Blackitch Artisan Restaurant) x Chef Tam (Top Chef Thailand) - in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Blackitch Artisan Restaurant
Chef Black's passion and dedication to sourcing rare and forgotten ingredients is widely respected across Thailand. Together with Chef Tam, the first winner of Thailand's Top Chef, the two will forage for food along the forest trail in Chiang Mai to showcase the diversity of local produce and bring back traditional ingredients that many people may no longer recognise.
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