Friday, 11 May 2018

EVENT MASTERS - An original venue and an even more original hotel

The Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert
An historical dinner venue in the heart of Brussels
Looking for a dinner in an extraordinary location? One that is normally crowded with strolling locals and hundreds of tourists? The Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert can be used as a dinner venue at maximum four times a year. The 19th century gallery, located in Brussels truly is a unique architectural piece of art. Many purveyors to the Court, like Mary, Delvaux and Godiva are situated here. Up to 300 people can enjoy their exclusive dinner and as an option, you can welcome your guests with an aperitif in the "Theatre Vaudeville". The theatre, located in the Galleries, is an historical and protected monument, founded in 1884. In short, the Galleries are a micro cosmos, where past, present and future inevitably melt. So, are you in for a privileged dinner in a historical location? Contact us!

(For your information: you have to confirm this event minimum 3 months in advance).

Glamping in the smallest city of Belgium
Glamping Durbuy
One of our clients was looking for an adventurous out of the box weekend. They were looking for anything but a hotel to overnight. We suggested Durbuy, the smallest city in Belgium. Did you know, you can even rent it as a venue? The mayor himself will hand you over the key of the city. But for his overnight stay, our client wanted a cozier atmosphere, so why not go glamping in Durbuy? In Adventure Valley, you can find glamping de Luxe, with tents overlooking the green valley of Durbuy. Glamping can be as luxurious as you want, from breakfast in bed to a culinary tapas by star chef Wout Bru.

You see, Belgium and Event Masters can cater for any kind of client!

For more information, please contact Olivier Meyskens and/or Bert Knuts at

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