Monday, 12 November 2012

China Trip Day 2 - Hangzhou - 12 November 2012‏


6.00am wake-up call
7.00 breakfast
7.30 gather in hotel lobby, board coach
8.00 board boat for cruise on West Lake
9.00 board coach
9.30 visit Fan Museum, Handicraft Lively Exhibition Hall
11.00 board coach
12noon lunch at Huazhongcheng Restaurant
1.00pm coach to hotel
2pm Opening Ceremony, Zheijiang Hangzhou Tourism Promotion, International Traveling Agents Business Session
5.15 board coach to Nerada Grand Hotel
6.00 Zheijiang Provincial Government Welcome Dinner
7.30 board coach
7.45 Impression West Lake performance
9.15 board coach back to hotel
10.00 inspection of hotel

The Day

A wonderful autumn day to explore the local area and get down to business. The boat trip on the lake was quiet and serene in comparison to the hustle and bustle of the city. There are many museums in different parts of china, with 5 being located in Hangzhou. We had plans to visit 2 of them but unfortunately only had time to see the Fan Museum, which displayed the many types of ancient and modern fans made in China. The Knives, Scissors and Swords Museum will have to wait 'til my next visit.... The Handicraft Exhibition was huge ex-factory spaces housing people engaging in different activities such as fan making, umbrella making, pottery, blacksmithing, paper cutting etc.

The business sessions highlighted the local regions tourism attractions and appeal through various speeches and videos.

Lots of short coach trips today in a large 52 seater coach, not the mini-buses used in previous years. In our coach were Aussies, Kiwis and Americans. I recognised three of the delegates from Australia and New Zealand from previous trips who flew to China on different flights.

Energy was kept up by the various meals throughout the day. The breakfast was a large buffet selection of Chinese and Western dishes served at various stations in the restaurant, with chefs on hand to create special orders. Lunch and dinner were Chinese dishes that were brought to round tables seating 10 people.

The Impressions West Lake performance was actually staged on the Lake. The spectacular lighting and special effects added to the thrill of the hundreds of performers who ran and danced through the water. The lit trees on the shore of the lake were the backdrop, with the audience sitting in grandstand style seating on one side of the Lake. The production of the show was by the man who designed the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

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