Saturday, 4 June 2011

ILTM Asia Launches Exclusive Luxury Travel Education Programme

Responding to the demand for the global luxury travel industry to understand the Asia-Pacific region’s many differing cultures and specific luxury travel demands, ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) will introduce a new Education Programme to be launched at ILTM Asia (13 – 16 June 2011).

ILTM Asia organisers have invited a number of key travel influencers to give an exclusive insight into buyer behaviour and values in terms of destinations, experiences, properties and service across four important outbound Asia-Pacific markets – India, Japan, China and Australia. Each specific seminar will help suppliers truly understand the demands of luxury travellers from each country.

In addition, the event will host three supplier led seminars giving exclusive advice on how to sell different products: Spa and Wellness programmes – responding to the luxury traveller’s search for ‘self-fulfilment’ and ‘self-improvement’ experiences; Authentic and Sustainable Travel – exploring those who work closely with their local communities, offering real and indigenous experiences; and Luxury Cruises – assessing emerging destinations, itineraries, new ships
 and onboard experiences.

There will also be a session for both buyers and suppliers on the role of Online and Social Media in the luxury travel sector and how luxury travel brands can effectively use this vital medium, whilst maintaining their core luxury values.

Debbie Joslin, ILTM Exhibition Director commented: “The level of expansion across the Asia-Pacific region, together with the relative youth of many of the specific markets, has created an even more significant leading role for ILTM Asia to provide vital educational information. The event is pivotal in providing an insight into the luxury travel patterns of elite travellers from each of the Asia-Pacific regions – our new Education Programme will facilitate an even more exclusive insight into specific cultures and countries.”

The ILTM will be held in Shanghai 13–16 June. For More information see the web site:

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