Thursday, 2 March 2017

Kinosaki & Yukata

In Kinosaki, the charm and nostalgia of traditional Japan lives on. Putting on a yukata (light kimonos that are easy to walk around in) and walking through the beautiful, pedestrian friendly streets of Kinosaki as you visit the various hot springs, shops and restaurants/cafes makes you feel like you have gone back in time. It is an atmosphere and charm that is simply not found anywhere else in the Japan of today.

Kinosaki & Yukata

Yukata are a light, cotton kimono that were traditionally worn as before/after bathing clothes. Over the years, yukata became a more general wear garment. The have the appearance of the more ornamental kimono but are much easier to both put on and walk around in. Yukata are often worn with wooden sandals called “geta”. As western clothing became more common in Japan, yukata and geta were worn less and less. In modern day Japan you almost never see them except at special events (summer festivals, etc.), but in Kinosaki Onsen the charm, comfort and convenience of yukata are an everyday presence.

Although certainly not required to enjoy Kinosaki, wearing a yukata on your visit adds a great deal of pleasure and culture to the experience of hot springs, ryokan, street markets, and enjoying the local cuisine, such as fresh crab and the famous Tajima beef (the stock cattle of Kobe beef). Kinosaki is a very yukata-friendly town and we invite you to experience this part of traditional Japan on your visit with us.

Where can I get a yukata?

The most common way to get a yukata is at the ryokan you are staying at.
Your room should already have several yukata stored and available for use both inside and outside the ryokan.

Simply select a yukata you like and put it on! Some ryokans may also offer a larger selection of yukata to pick from or rent.

If you aren’t staying at a ryokan then direct rental might be an option.

Kahoru Beauty Parlor in Kinosaki offers rental of men’s and women’s yukata. For an additional fee, assistance in wearing the yukata can be provided. If you visit the hot springs you will be taking your yukata on and off quite a bit, so instruction will also be provided on how to put it back on yourself. Please contact Kahoru Beauty Parlor beforehand to arrange your rental:

Kahoru Beauty Parlor (Kahoru biyou-shitsu)

Fees:2,000 yen for 2 day rental, 300 yen for dressing assistance* Yukata rental is provided from June to October, only

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