Thursday, 10 November 2016

Red leaves in Fragrant Hills bring seasonal beauty to nature lovers

Leaves in the capital’s Fragrant Hills Park have turned red, drawing out more than 70,000 tourists to savor the autumn vistas. 

Approximately 30 per cent of the tree leaves in the Fragrant Hills Park, which has long been a top autumn destination, have turned red, so far. 

It is predicted that a larger area of the landscape will be bathed in red untill the end of this week, with some of the other leaves turning yellow. 

The colorful landscape in this scenic spot will be magnificent.During the "red leaves" season this year, the park will launch a real-time monitoring system for the first time to make sure visitors can be informed about the number of tourists on the spot at any time, so they can avoid the peak hours.[Photo/IC]

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