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Lüneburger German Bakery - the most tasty German Bakery in Australia

Just a short walk from Town Hall Station in Sydney is the Lüneburger German Bakery. This is conveniently located on the lower ground hall of the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney.

Recently I met Devin at the bakery, who is the son of the bakery's founder. He was busy being barista making coffees for the many customers who were passing by. 

The presentation of the bakery was pleasing to the eye, with well stocked display cabinets of bread, rolls, savoury treats, pastries, cakes and bakery treats.

It was hard to decide what to order from the delicious looking bakery products on display. I chose a Ham and Cheese Sandwich, a Chocolate Berliner and a small Cappuccino Coffee. The sandwich was delicious, with plenty of fillings in the seeded crusty bread roll.  I chose the seeded version of the sandwich, which included ham, tasty cheese, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, salt and pepper. The Chocolate Berliner was yummy. It was a fluffy yeast risen pastry with an abundance of real soft chocolate filling. The outside was golden brown and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It was like a chocolate explosion in my mouth. I enjoyed my velvety, rich Cappuccino Coffee made by Devin, especially the frothy top dusted with a delicious chocolate powder.

The Lüneburger German Bakery sells many various styles of bread, including Wholemeal Rye, Sunflower Seed, Country, Crusty, Flame Baked, Farmer's, Multigrain, Champion, and Pumpkin Seed. I noticed that many of these are covered with seeds, have a nice crust and are full of of fibre, vitamins and minerals and are a good source of carbohydrate. They are extremely nutritious. The good news is that they completely free from any artificial additives or preservatives. They are made from wholegrain flour and baked slowly to seal in the goodness.

There are not just loaves of bread, but also bread rolls, including Balers. Kaiser, Pumpkin Seed, Multigrain, Champions, Tuscany, Sunflower Seed, and Baguette.
Yummy savoury treats are the Salted Pretzel and Cheese Snail. The Pretzels are one of their big sellers.

The pastries include Croissants, Strudels, Turnovers, Rolls, Crescents and Triangles.

Bakery items include Berliners, Pretzels, Muffins, Crumbles, Whirls. There is also the Sultana Snail, Spritzring, and Mini Gugelhupf Choco.

The most recent addition to the range of products sold in the Lüneburger German Bakery is freshly made sandwiches using their own bread. The healthy ingredients include Salami, Beef Pastrami, Chicken, Turkey, Ham and Brie Cheese. 

Just as fascinating as the German bakery products is the history of the Lüneburger German Bakery. Its existence is all due to its creator, Mr Ahmet Yaltirakli, who moved to Cologne in Germany with his Turkish family when he was 11. Here he met and married Sibel and their son Devin was born in 1993.

In 1996 Ahmet, Sibel and Devin moved to Australia and settled in Adelaide. Here they appreciated the Australian easy going way of life. They came to love the unique natural flora and fauna, the pleasant sunny weather, the everyday and gourmet foods, especially the seafood.

In 2002, Ahmet and his family moved to live in Sydney. Here he started two businesses before coming up with the idea of his German Bakery. His wholesale jewellery business then his franchise selling Dutch chocolate and ice-cream were not successful.

Ahmet's other German friends living in Australia often lamented that they missed eating the bread they used to eat when they lived in Germany. This gave him the idea of starting his own bakery in Australia selling German style bread. He was not a baker, so did some research amongst German Chefs into how he could go about it. He realised that he could make high-quality German bakery products by using only German grain and other ingredients. The only trouble was that these were not to be found in Australia. His ingenious solution was to get the bread dough made in Germany, using the highest quality German ingredients, deep freeze the dough, then transport it from the ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam to Australia. He would then bake the dough fresh each day in his Lüneburger German Bakery.

There was much excitement in December 2005 when Ahmet opened the first Lüneburger German Bakery in the QVB in Sydney. Then followed the hard work and long hours. The bakery succeeded, and has now grown into a group of 6 stores in central Sydney and its suburbs.

It always fascinates me where the names of businesses derive from. Mr Ahmet Yaltirakli named his business after a Lüneburger country loaf he saw in a product catalogue from one of his suppliers. Lüneburg is the name of a town in the German state of Lower Saxony.

Next time you are in central Sydney, make sure you drop into the Lüneburger German Bakery. You can either take your bakery purchases away with you, or sit down at one of the tables in front of the bakery. 

Luneburger German Bakery
QVB,  Central Sydney
QVB, Shop 77-79, Lower Ground, 456 George Street, CBD, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Phone: 02 9264 2377
Fax: 02 9269 2399

Luneburger German Bakery
Central Station, Central Sydney
Shop 14A2, Henry Deane Plaza, Central Station, 14 Lee Street, Chippendale, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Luneburger German Bakery
Chatswood Interchange, Chatswood
Kiosk 10, Chatswood Interchange, 436 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Luneburger German Bakery
Wynyard Station, Central Sydney
G52B, Wynyard Station, CBD, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Luneburger German Bakery
Westfield Miranda, Miranda
Shop 1066, Level 1, Food Court, Westfield Miranda, 600 Kingsway, Miranda, Sydney, NSW Australia

Luneburger German Bakery
Macquarie Centre, Macquarie Park
Level 2 Upper, Macquarie Centre, Corner Of Herring Road And Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Lüneburger German Bakery


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