Sunday, 30 July 2017

Hoshino Resorts introduces unique Japanese resorts to Australia

Mr Yoshiharu Hoshino
Hoshino Resorts, leading Japanese luxury resort is honoured to introduce its line of ryokans (Japanese inns), resorts and hotels to Australian travellers.

All of the company's properties are focused on bringing the best experience of omotenashi (Japanese-style hospitality) to every guest. 

Visiting Australia, Hoshino Resorts CEO Mr Yoshiharu Hoshino said that his company is very interested in welcoming more Australians to experience Hoshino’s unique properties as well as looking at the potential to invest directly in the Australian market to bring the unique Japanese ryokan concept here.

Already many Australians have visited our properties (which number some 35 in Japan) and it is clear that interest in Japan continues to grow, Mr Hoshino said. 

Our objective is to adapt the ryokan concept to work in major cities such as Sydney, London, and New York and to establish an entirely new accommodation category in these markets in the future, he said. 

Japan has become a very popular destination among Australian travellers. At the same, we believe the cosmopolitan cities in Australia as the epicentres for trendsetting which will readily welcome new accommodation concept.

In these cities, we are keen to develop a market in which travellers choose ryokan primarily for comfort and relaxation rather than for simply a "Japanese experience. This could pave the way for a world where ryokan becomes something anyone would see as readily accessible just Japanese cars run on the streets of Australian cities like Sydney or sushi restaurants open in Brisbane. Achieving this will be a challenge, but it is one of our major objectives and we are actively looking at our b u s i n e s s strategy to hopefully make it happen soon.

While Hoshino had its early start as a forestry business in 1904, its origins as a hospitality brand came about with the opening of its first hot spring resort in 1914. It was later rebranded by CEO Yoshiharu Hoshino in 1995 as Hoshino Resorts and, now includes three hospitality brands under its company - HOSHINOYA, RISONARE and KAI. The company also operates 35 properties across Japan, with two located in Tahiti and Bali. 

We look forward to informing more and more Australians about Hoshino’s unique offer and to hopefully bringing the ryokan concept to this country soon, Mr Hoshino said.

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