Monday, 17 July 2017

Tsubamesanjo, Niigata Prefecture

Summer is the season for countless local festivals (Matsuri) in Japan. Some festivals have already become popular among foreign tourists and attracted many visitors.

If you visit Japan in summer, you must attend not only major ones, but also various kinds of local festivals which are held across Japan! Many of them have originated from "Shintoism" which is a religion unique to Japan, and they are held as a regional traditional event to strengthen ties among residents of the local community. 

So, visitors will get a glimpse of local history, culture and temperament of local people by attending a festival. 

Some of the interesting festivals are also held in Tsubamesanjo, Niigata prefecture that is well-known for metal works. One of the highlights of those festivals must be Mikoshi (portable shrine), parade or Dashi (Festival car) which is decorated with traditional works.

In “Hien Matsuri” (15/Jul/2017), you will see special “Mikoshi” made with traditional hand-hammered copperware. It reminds local people of the roots of their regional industry and the pride of craftsmen. 

In “Yahiko Toro (lantern) Matsuri” (25/Jul/2017), local residents hold lanterns and parade the town for a few hours lead by the Mikoshi. Other popular summer festivals include fireworks!
In “Sanjo Matsuri” (6/Aug/2017), about 4000 fireworks will impress onlookers with a huge-scale of sound and displays since the grandstand is located much closer to the launching point.

Visit Tsubamesanjo to discover the local traditional ways of life and enjoyment in summer!

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