Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Ochimizuno Yu (変若水の湯) Tsutaya

Mt. Gassan is a sacred mountain of death and regeneration (rejuvenation). And this hotel is named as Ochimizuno Yu (変若水の湯) because it is the hot-spring in the deep of Mt. Gassan. And it means "Let you rejuvenate and looks young". It can help you take out of the tiredness, and rejuvenate mentally and physically like a new born. 

"Tsutaya" also serves the special Yamazato cuisine (山里料理) as a hot-spring inn in Shizu. This cuisine uses Shizu's fresh vegetables carefully, where is called as heavy snow area. Various food ingredients of the mountain from spring to summer and until autumn will be used in this special Yamato cuisine. A unique food culture here and you should experience for once.
How about having a healthy Yamato cuisine while enjoying the rejuvenating Shizu hot spring? Please come to feel the Gassan's wonderful natures here relaxingly!!

Address: 10 Shizu, Nishikawa Town, Nishimurayama District, Yamagata prefecture
Access: Take the express bus headed to Tsuruoka from Yamagata station, and get off at the "Gassan-guchi" station ⇒ Free pickup bus (Please contact in advance.)
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