Monday, 17 July 2017

Nguyen dynasty treasures on display in Da Lat

A total of 36 precious artifacts, from the Nguyen dynasty period (1802-1945), are on display at an exhibition that opened recently at Lam Dong museum in Da Lat city.

The artifacts, made of gold and gemstones, include flower vases; daily utensils such as bowls and basins; objects used in royal worship and rituals; and items used in royal office, including brushes, ink stone, paperweights and pen holders.

All of the items were carefully carved with highly sophisticated decorative patterns, showing the talent of Viet Nam’s craft masters.

The exhibition also introduces 100 documentary photos on Hue royal architecture, the tombs of Nguyen Emperors and images of mandarins from that period.

The exhibits were selected from 126 artifacts handed over to the interim government after the abdication of Emperor Bao Dai in August 1945.

According to Lam Dong Museum Director, Pham Huu Tho, the artifacts have great significance to historical, cultural and artistic values. Many objects in the collection are unique, as they can only be found at Lam Dong Museum, he said.Located on a hill at No. 4 Hung Vuong street, 3 km from Dalat city in the Northeast, Lamdong museum is the place displaying the historical objects of the locality, especially the cultural traditional objects of Lamdong province.

The museum has 9 showrooms displaying the contents like: The stages of history; the archaeological objects, the models of shelters, the tools for hunting, the traditional handicraft villages, traditional costumes, traditional festivals and the objects of the two resistance wars.

With the plan to attract more tourists, they will build the museum as a place for cultural center; 04 stilt-houses of the Ethnic groups like Ma, K'ho, Churu will be displayed. Besides, they also show the traditional handicrafts like: pottery, weaving or organizing Buffalo-stabbing festival, Gong performance, etc. on special occasions.

Besides, tourists can directly see some sets of Dan Da (Lithophone - an ancient musical instrument) of Di Linh and B'Lao with their dates of 3,500 - 3,000 years; architecture vestiges of P'Roh (of Don Duong district) and Cat Tien (of Cat Tien district); archaeological sites excavated from the tombs of native people in Dai Lang (of Bao Lam district), Dai Lao (of Bao Loc city) and Da Don (of Lam Ha district).

The museum gathers nearly 10,000 items made from pottery, porcelain, copper and iron which are valuable in the Southeast Asia. Lamdong museum management board has been trying their best to make it more and more special.

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