Friday, 14 July 2017

AWAY Spa - the celebrated day spa in Bangkok

W Bangkok
On my visit to Bangkok recently I went to a Spa for my very first time. I chose the AWAY Spa at the W Bangkok, a very modern luxury hotel in the heart of Bangkok.

I travelled by the BTS SkyTrain, then it was just a short walk to the AWAY Spa from the Chong Nonsi Station. I arrived in plenty of time for my 6.30pm Saturday night ‘DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER’ Treatment, which is one of their best selling treatments on offer.

The AWAY Spa is a great luxury spa of 630 sqm of pure relaxation with 6 different treatment suites, a unisex Hamman and couples suite. There are separate male and female wet facilities, which include a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. The AWAY Spa offers a wide variety of treatments by skilled staff, a great atmosphere, and the perfect attention to detail. The ultra modern AWAY Spa is located up on the Level 6 accessed by colourful lifts.

AWAY Spa Reception area
A warm welcome was waiting for me in the Reception area where I was offered a cool drink. I was asked important questions in order to get my treatment just right for me. I was asked how firm I would like the massage, if I had any spots that needed special attention, and if I had any painful areas that should be avoided. I appreciated this attention to detail, as I had an injured left shoulder.

I was introduced to my Therapist who showed me the large male change and locker room where I was able to change out of my clothes into the special underwear and robe that were provided. I placed my personal belongings into a locker that was allocated for me. 

I was then taken into my individual treatment suite and given a brief introduction to my upcoming treatment. My Therapist then made sure that the music, lighting, room temperature and every detail was just perfect for me. The massage bed was a very modern cocoon style bed, which was very comfortable to lay on.

What makes the AWAY Spa special is the mood colour lighting in the treatment suites. I could choose from the different colours of red, blue, green or purple to set the feeling of my room. Green reflects a calm and peaceful demeanour, red enhances body energy, purple radiates happiness while pink signals romance and sensuality. The colour chosen for the glowing cocoon bed gives either a relaxing, an energising, playful or romantic atmosphere for the Spa experience. I chose purple to enhance a happy mood.

You may remember "Diamonds Are Forever", the seventh of the James Bond movies with the theme song "Diamonds Are Forever" performed by Shirley Bassey.

My ‘DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER’ Treatment was a special treatment chosen from the many choices available on the spa menu. It included a 30 minute Diamond Body Scrub, a 30 minute Diamond Body Wrap and a 60 minute Diamond Massage. These treatments used luxurious Espa spa products.

My Therapist started the first of the three ‘DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER’ treatments. This was a 30 minute Diamond Body Scrub, where a special cream with diamond particles was rubbed over my body to smooth any rough skin. After a shower, which was in the treatment suite, I then had the second treatment, a 30 minute Diamond Body Wrap. Here a lotion with diamond dust was rubbed on me. I was then wrapped in a large sheet of plastic for half an hour to give the lotion a chance to work on my body. After another shower, I then enjoyed my third treatment, the 60 minute Diamond Massage. This was a very relaxing massage that covered the back and front of me from my head to my toes. I appreciated that my Therapist took notice of my request for a gentle, rather than harsh, massage.

After going back to the change room to get dressed into my clothes I went back to the Reception area where another drink was prepared for me.

During my ‘DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER’ Treatment the skilled Therapist was very professional and the room had a very nice and relaxing mood to it at all times. It was a wonderful pampering experience for my first ever visit to a Spa.

Style Lab at AWAY Spa
The AWAY Spa is located on the Level 6 of the W Bangkok, the same level as the outdoor pool and gym. The AWAY Spa offers a full range of full-body treatments, including massages, body scrubs, wraps, facials, waxes. It's Style Lab Beauty Salon offers beauty services such as pedicures, manicures, haircuts and other beauty treatments. Treatments can be combined in special packages that offer value for money.

The AWAY Spa is spacious, modern and clean with relaxing reception, lounge, locker rooms, and treatment suites.

I absolutely loved my rejuvenating experience at the luxury AWAY Spa. It was the perfect combination of atmosphere, artwork, treatment bed & furniture, coloured lighting, music, skilled therapists and friendly service. My ‘DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER’ Treatment left me feeling totally happy, relaxed and carefree. It is definitely great value for a five-star hotel spa treatment. I would recommend that everyone go to the AWAY Spa when they visit Bangkok.


Address: 106 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 Daily
Phone: +66 (0) 2344 4160

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