Thursday, 1 June 2017

Gunma: Go Trekking at Oze National Park

This may not be a family trip for those with toddlers, but this is a great bonding time for families with older kids. 

A trek to Oze National Park is ideal for families who love nature. 

When in Oze, families might have their very first encounter with bear trails. 

Asiatic black bears call this park their home, and hikers are given a bell or whistle to alert the bears. Bears would prefer to avoid humans as well, so these are just a precaution. 

Also, your party might get to experience staying in a log cabin! 

Try relaxing in an ofuro bath before enjoying a nihonshoku meal, and playing traditional games by a coal fireplace after dinner. 

This is an easy hike that even grannies can do, so don't be intimidated!

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