Sunday, 21 May 2017

Shiba-zakura Festival in Japan

This time of year is when you can see a beautiful carpet of flowers at Shiba-zakura no Oka ("moss phlox rise") in Chausuyama Kogen, the Chausu Peak highlands of Aichi Prefecture.

This year's Shiba-zakura Festival takes place from May 13 to June 4. The flowers, which started to bloom last week, garb the mountains in pink, and for the next couple weeks they'll be at their peak time for viewing! Come experience for yourself this dreamlike scene in the grand expanse of nature!

Chausuyama Kogen lies at an altitude of 1,358 meters above sea level, and is about two hours by car from Nagoya. Why not rent a car and drive there yourself?

Further information is available at this website:
Current blooming status (in Japanese):

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