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Noryo Yuka is the one of the best summer attractions in Kyoto

Eating and drinking places along/above the river in the village and city will be an unforgettable experience.

“Kawadoko” riverside dinning is a Summer tradition in Kyoto, starting in May and running until the end of September, Kyoto’s riverside restaurants set up temporary outside dinning decks over the running rivers of Kyoto. Dinners are soothed and refreshed by the sound and cool breeze of the river. The Kawayuka of the Kamogawa River in central Kyoto is super popular but more rural ares also offer a wonderful riverside dinning experience.

Noryo Yuka on Kamo River

May 1 (Fri.) - Sept. 30 (Wed.)
On the west bank of Kamo River/between Nijo and Gojo
In May, restaurants along the banks of the Kamo River erect large wooden platforms, called Noryo Yuka, one of the best summer highlights of Kyoto. On the west bank of Kamo River, between Nijo and Gojo Street, about 100 restaurants and drinking places set up the Yuka. This yuka on Kamo river has the long history which is said to have been started in the 16th Century.

Access: Kyoto City Bus #5, 17, 205 "Shijo Kawaramachi" or "Kawaramachi Sanjo"
Contact: Kyoto Kamogawa Noryo Yuka Cooperative Association
Brochure is available at the Kyoto Tourist Information Center (2F of Kyoto Station Bldg.)
TEL: 075-343-0548

Kawa-doko in Kibune

May 1 (Fri.) - Sept. 30 (Wed.)
Along Kibune River
*Opening period of the Kawa-doko may varies depending on the restaurant.
Kibune is a small village located on the northeastern mountain in the city. Taking special seats set on the wooden platform above Kibune River is such a great experience. Kibune's refreshing and cool air will let diners forget hot and humid summer climate in Kyoto.

Access: Eizan Railway "Kibune-guchi" and take Kyoto Bus (operating every day) to the Kibune area

Kawa-doko in Takao

Early April - late November
Along Kiyotaki River
*Dinner is available from early June to mid-September only.
Takao is a village which is blessed with beautiful nature and river. Enjoy authentic Kyoto cuisine on the Kawa-doko wooden platform above the river while appreciating seasonal beauty of natural surroundings.

Access: JR Bus "Yamashiro Takao"

Riverside dinning -Yuka/Kawadoko

-Kamo River (Central Kyoto) : 1 May- 30 Sep 2017
-Kifune : 1 May- 30 Sep 2017
-Takao : Early April to late November *Dinner is available from early June to mid September only

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