Wednesday, 19 April 2017

US artist puts mark on Sydney Royal Easter Show

Over the duration of the Show, a roaming artist from the United States has been capturing the unique elements that make Sydney Royal Easter Show one of Australia’s premiere events by creating 14 giant paint-splashed artworks.

Each day of the Show Ryan Christenson, who is professionally known by the pseudonym 'ARCY' for his initials, uses spray paint to make an artwork measuring almost 30 meters square and standing three meters off the ground.

“I’ve never been to Australia so the invitation to be at the Show was an amazing opportunity, ” ARCY said.

His visually impactful series aims to celebrate the Show with animals being a favourite subject.

“I try to paint things everybody can connect with and you can’t go wrong with animals but as the tour progresses you’ll see I’m also thinking outside of the box.”

Based in Connecticut USA, the 29-year-old has been touring for three years and has worked for organisations including Walt Disney Hometown Museum and America’s National Parks.

Although thousands of kilometres from his wife Kimberley and two children, five-year-old Sean and three-year-old Connor, family is always close to ARCY’s heart.

“With every artwork I do I leave a little Mickey Mouse for my guys back home so they can take a look and find a hidden Mickey.”

For more than a decade ARCY has been refining his skills with the aim to inspire youth to take graffiti art to a different level and create legitimate and lasting street art.

“I’m not condoning graffiti but I wouldn’t be here today without it so I’m showing that it’s an interesting culture and you can do this in a positive way,” he said.

Watch ARCY work daily from 11am to 5pm on the Spotless Stadium Concourse outside the Council Stand.

After the Show ends on Wednesday 19 of April, ARCY’s fourteen paintings will stand boldly as permanent installations throughout Sydney Showground.

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