Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Anna Pollock
Travel & tourism industry “visionary” Anna Pollock will keynote Mekong Tourism Forum 2017 (MTF 2017) “Prosper with Purpose”.

Ms Pollock has undertaken seminal work in many aspects of tourism and is currently addressing ways of mitigating the negative impacts of “over-tourism”; looking at models of destination development that “generate higher yields with less impact”. These are based on her belief that “for tourism to thrive it must be re-invented in order to provide much higher levels of satisfaction to the customer, more net benefit to the host community, and sustained yields to shareholders”.

“Up until a decade or so ago, the purpose of business was never questioned,” Ms Pollock said. “It was simply to generate a profitable return for shareholders. In less than a decade, those core beliefs have shifted radically and smart tourism enterprises and destinations are tapping into a growing desire of guests to buy from, and employees to work for, companies that can communicate not just what they sell but what they stand for. By serving a purpose higher than the bottom line, they unleash the passion of their employees and satisfy their guests’ search for meaning and fulfillment.”

Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO) Executive Director Jens Thraenhart said: “We are delighted to have Anna address this year’s Forum, organized under the theme “Prosper with Purpose”. Her strength is her ability to see the “big picture” and help others make sense of our rapidly and dramatically changing world.”

The Founder of Conscious.Travel, Ms Pollock is a recipient of a Visionary of the Year Award from the Canadian tourism industry and has worked with organisations such as the Pacific Asia Travel Association, European Travel Commission, European Cities, Tourism New Zealand in addition to being a Visiting Fellow at Oxford Brookes University (UK) and an advisor to the Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI).

Ms Pollock’s appearance at MTF 2017 is sponsored by EXO Foundation.

Full story at MekongTourismForum.org.

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