Sunday, 16 April 2017

Dodgem Bumper Cars at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

1961 Dodgem car
Bumper Car history would not be the same without the Dodgem production Line.

Dodgem cars were invented in 1919 byMax and Harold Stochrer of Massachusetts in the USA.

A 1921 test by Scientific America called the rear-steering Dodgem cars "highly unmanageable ... the steering is only relative.

It didn't matter. People liked banging into one another and Dodgem cars became widely popular. Dodgem went out of business in the early 1970's.

The 1957 Dodgem car was the last style to be brought out by the original Dodgem Corporation.

In 1961 the company sold the Dodgem name and business to the Allan Herschell Company.

The new company continued to make the 1957 style car for there years.

On display in the heritage Hall at this years Sydney Royal Easter Show is a 1961 Dodgem car made by the Allan Herschell Company.

Its owners are Darren and Kathleen Miller, and it has been lovingly restored by Darren.

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