Monday, 10 April 2017

ASURE Accommodation Group - Your Comfort Is ASUREd!

In August 2007, like-minded Kiwi accommodation operators, who valued growing the quality of the New Zealand accommodation industry in New Zealand got together to develop the ASURE Accommodation Group. 

Managing Director, Doug Robinson, who has been with ASURE Accommodation Group from day one states: “The concept was simple: use our existing knowledge of the accommodation industry and business nous to promote an accommodation offering very different and superior to what a typical ‘motel’ is known as internationally. 

“The ASURE Group, with annual robust quality inspections, prides themselves on being clean, tidy, comfortable and perfect for any guest at any time. This means you will find all the ASURE properties are like serviced apartments with the quality that they offer. 

“All ASURE properties have kitchens, full bathrooms, laundry facilities. Some have spa bath units, bike hireage and bike storage, swimming pools, spa pools, in-house restaurants otherwise the owners will recommend eateries in the local area plus many features unique to the individual property or region along the way. 

All delivered with genuine ASURE hospitality and spirit!” There are over 50 ASURE properties around New Zealand who are passionate about New Zealand and promoting New Zealand and the activities in their region to the world and they would love to see you on your next trip. If you have not tried ASURE Accommodation providers, you should. 

ASURE Accommodation Group offers its own online booking portals solely for the ASURE Accommodation Group properties. 

To find the best accommodation in town visit: which is non commissionable and which is for Wholesalers and Travel Agents who receive a login and password for access to the direct agency reservation commissionable portal:

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