Saturday, 4 March 2017


2017 is Canada’s year. Aside from the fact it’s celebrating 150 years since Confederation, Canada has been globally recognised as a top holiday destination with a plethora of awards and distinctions. 

The New York Times ranked Canada as #1 on their list of “52 Places to Go” this year; Lonely Planet named Canada as the top country to visit in 2017; Fairfax Media’s “Traveller” named Canada among top 17 countries to visit in 2017; and BBC named Canada one of 5 underrated countries you must visit

It’s no wonder the latest United Nations World Happiness Report named Canada the 6th happiest nation on Earth. You can expect a warm welcome!

Destination Canada 1045 Howe Street Suite 800 Vancouver, BC V6Z 2A9 Canada

Destination Canada 1045, rue Howe, bureau 800, Vancouver (Colombie-Britannique) V6Z 2A9, Canada

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