Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Everyday Locals Championed in New Gold Coast Video

Fresh from launching a new brand last week, Gold Coast Tourism have taken their local love to a new level by releasing a new 'We Are Destination Gold Coast' video which, like the television commercial, favours friendly local faces, some of which you may recognise, over paid actors and models.

The two-minute content piece is an important part of Gold Coast Tourism's new brand suite and has been shaped entirely by locals. A local production team worked behind the lens to capture the Gold Coast story as told by an extraordinary wealth of local talent and set to an extraordinary locally-sourced soundtrack.

Chief Marketing Officer of Gold Coast Tourism, Jan Hutton, said the key to resonating with the modern-day traveller is to showcase authentic, local experiences as told by the people who are so proud to call the Gold Coast home.

“The groups of friends, the families, the cafĂ© owners, the surfboard shapers, the creatives… these are the people that make the Gold Coast shine, and they love this place more than anyone. This in itself makes them the perfect candidates to take our collective brand to the world,” Ms Hutton said.

Renowned restaurateurs, baristas, lifeguards, skaters, musicians, coffee drinkers, market stall holders and even a famous surfer come together in the clip to show the Gold Coast through the eyes of true locals, all wanting to share a piece of their home with the rest of the world.

The local connection translates to the soundtrack chosen to accompany the video also with Gold Coast dream-pop duo, Lastlings and their single 'You' comprising breathtaking vocals with pulsating electronic beats emulating the uplifting energy that lives within the city.

Vision of popular, but often lessor known neighbourhood hangouts include Palm Beach, Miami and Currumbin, blending cultural hotspots, pumping surf breaks, and sprawling hinterland landscapes that all highlight the incredible depth of experience that lives on the Gold Coast.

Creative locals at the very heart of the campaign piece include musician Mikey Perry (aka PACES), Art-Work Agency founder Claudio Kirac, and owner of Grace Loves Lace, Megan Ziems who all contributed to the project.

“I would love it if people came to the Gold Coast for the first time and they find all the cool things that we all love and know about,” Mr Perry said.

The Gold Coast's burgeoning food and culture scene is also showcased prominently, featuring Nerissa McCluskey, owner of Commune, Etsu Izakaya and Aloha Bar and Dining; and Emma Milikins, co-founder and creative director of Miami Marketta, interspersed with visuals of eclectic restaurants, buzzing cafes and lively nightlife venues.

“We are this kind of bohemian, eclectic, beach dwelling city… we are such a mix of people!” said Ms Milikins.

The video also features some well-known faces that epitomise the city's soulful surf culture. Notably, Eden Saul owner and shaper at Dead Kooks Surfboards, and professional surfer Joel Parkinson, who has travelled to some of the most far flung destinations across the world, but still chooses to call the Gold Coast home.

“You can be surfing perfect waves, get in the car, and in 20 minutes be out in the hills away from everybody,” Mr Saul said, while world champion surfer and parochial Gold Coast local Joel Parkinson sums it up perfectly: “How would I describe the Gold Coast? … It's probably one of the most beautiful strips of coastline… we sell the dream of the dream we have.”

Sharing his passion for the destination, Warren Young, who has patrolled the Gold Coast's beaches since 1973 and is now Chief Lifeguard for City of Gold Coast says: “It's got all the attributes, all the magic”.

The video was produced by the Gold Coast's very own Roam Films. Kody Rankin, Producer from ROAM said “as a local, this was a project that was so close to our hearts. We're so proud to be telling the new Gold Coast story.”

Click here to view the #WeAreGoldCoast video

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