Friday, 3 March 2017


Myanmar Tourism Federation and the Tourism Authority of Thailand recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to promote tourism between the two countries — “Two Countries, One Destination” — but Don Ross asks, will it resolve “major pain points”?

“They claim [the MoU] will have positive impact on the tourism industries in both Thailand and Myanmar, but neither organisation is in a position to introduce measures to streamline travel and remove the pain points plaguing overland travel. That is in the hands of ministries and they are ignoring even the most obvious pain points that hinder tourism growth.”

“The press statement of the two agencies failed to identify the major problem facing visitors travelling from Chiang Rai to points in Myanmar. Airlines double the fares for foreigners on domestic services out of Tachilek airport. They will also have to book the flight locally through a travel agency in Tachilek town after crossing the border. None of the airlines offer online booking and payment for flights out of Tachilek.

“This is a major pain point and some travel executives told TTR Weekly they believe Myanmar is now the only country in Asia with a dual airfare policy for domestic airline sectors.”

Full story at TTR Weekly.

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