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DT-SLOVENIA An incentive for every season...

In this article, DT-Slovenia presents examples of creative incentive programs for every season:


As an Alpine country, Slovenia has a lot of ski resorts that are perfect for a relaxed day, away from the busy life. 

The closest ski resort where DT-Slovenia organizes events all year round is located only 30 minutes away from the capital.

In January, DT-Slovenia hosted a 4 days long incentive/product launch in Ljubljana. After 3 very productive days, it was finally time to dress up, and hit the slopes of Krvavec, only 30min drive away from the bustling Capital. 

Early in the morning guests arrived at the ski resort and were divided into different groups, as they could choose between skiing, snowshoeing, Nordic walking or snow biking. 

After an hour of activities, guests could enjoy in perfectly arranged coffee break with a traditional strudel and pancake like desert. An “Alpine” lunch was organized in a Mountain chalet, but before entering warm cottage, aperitifs were served in Ice glasses were presented to the guests.


Slovenia is a perfect destination for creative weekend programs, such as the 2 day incentive program which is being organized to highlight the best Slovenia can offer. On Friday, after the arrival to Bled, guests can have some free time to relax before having a welcoming dinner.

On the next day, after breakfast, guests find out they are about to explore Slovenia with old-time cars. After they get familiar with their vintage vehicles, they are instructed to park them on the train which is waiting to depart to Most na Soči. 

While sitting in the car, they are driving through the tunnel, reaching the other side of the Julian Alps mountain range. Once on the other side, guests unload their cars from the train and start their exciting journey.
The curvy road takes them to Kobarid, a Netflix star, Hiša Franko’s restaurant, where Ana Roš awaits to serve the best lunch they’ve ever had. She is also proclaimed as the best women chef in the world.

After lunch, guests drive back to Bohinjska Bistrica, but this time they drive over the mountain pass, where amazing sceneries can be seen. 

Saturday evening it is time for Gala dinner, which is organized at the Bled Castle and is a perfect scenic end to this short program. On Sunday morning, guests depart back home.

DT-Slovenia also can organize longer, 7-day incentive programs. Because of nice temperatures and longer days, the best time for programs like this is summer. 

To keep things interesting at all times, DT Slovenia offers the diversity of three different Slovenian regions: The Capital, Alps, and Mediterranean. 

Instead of an ordinary city tour, we can spice it up with a visit to Ljubljana with a gourmet program, where guests have the opportunity to try traditional food, and drink while exploring the town.

In Bled, guests can do fun activities like SUP on the lake, tobogganing, canoeing, and they can also visit a Vintgar Bled Gorge. 

One of the most attractive options is privatization of the steam train, which can take guests from the Alpine region to the Goriška Brda wine region, where guests can visit the winery for wine tasting and lunch.

Once on the coast, Portorož, guests can enjoy the sun and participate in different water sports. One day can be reserved for a quick boat trip to Venice. 

On the coast, guests have also an opportunity to participate in a beautiful bike trip, but for those more eager to relax, there is the option of an open-door spa visit which is located in the saltpans. There they can enjoy in different treatments.

Located in Central Europe, Slovenia is among the lucky countries that have distinctive four seasons. Every season is its own story and shows a different face of the country.
The most colourful season is definitely autumn, when the leaves on trees are changing colours. It is also the time of harvest, so it is rich with local produce.

During the day, September is still warm enough to have a perfect 3 day incentive in the Alps, which includes outdoor activities, such as biking, rafting and hiking. 

On the first evening when the temperature drops, guests can take the car cable to the top of the Mount Vogel and experience an Alpine welcoming with canapes and sparkling wine or traditional aperitif, while admiring the sunset and magical views of Lake Bohinj. After the sunset, guests are invited to a mountain chalet, to enjoy in friendly cosy atmosphere and Slovenian traditional dinner.

Bled Island
On the second day, after outdoor activities, guests can enjoy an outdoor picnic lunch next to Lake Bohinj. The second evening is reserved for a medieval gala dinner on the Bled Castle. Before reaching the castle, guests can enjoy the ride to the Bled Island with the traditional wooden boat Pletna.

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