Friday, 24 March 2017

CILOYALTY relaunches as a full service reward and recognition solution

CILOYALTY, part of the cievents family, today relaunches with a comprehensive offering, including a range of Reward & Recognition, Network & Channel Incentives, Sales Incentives, eLearning programs and a reward catalogue for corporations, to improve business performance.

Operational under the cievents brand since 2009, the Reward & Recognition team, now CILOYALTY, act as strategic partners to their clients, developing tailored programs that recognise staff, partners and customers, in order to build sustainable, relevant and thriving businesses.

Alison Roberts, General Manager – Australia at CILOYALTY believes the team are ‘behaviour shapers’, creating game-changing, individually tailored programs that improve business performance.

“We are excited to launch CILOYALTY to the market as its own end to end service. Our goal is to create inspirational programs which will transform business performance through creative and targeted incentive marketing solutions. We connect audiences to businesses via strategic incentive, reward and recognition programs that inspire loyalty, build engagement, enhance company culture and deliver measurable results,” said Ms Roberts.

Recent successes include Boost, an award-winning program which refreshed, rebranded and restructured an outdated rewards system with a platform that was simple, easy-to-use, and increased the value of peer-to-peer recognition throughout the company. The program saw an astounding 5000% increase on the client’s previous programs results, with 91% of members active and 100% of the leadership team ‘boosting’ others.

“We know what works, and our talented, multi-disciplinary team offer everything from program research and design, through to communications, platform development and management, reporting analysis and review, to customer service, reward sourcing and fulfilment. Our reward catalogue is one of the largest in Australia, with thousands of available items, regularly updated to reflect current lifestyle trends.

“We firmly believe that the behaviour of individuals within a company can produce positive change. By developing tailored programs that reflect the unique values and objectives of a business, we aim to encourage positive employee engagement, increase retention and boost overall productivity” concluded Ms Roberts.

Working with national and global corporations, CILOYALTY has offices in both Sydney and Melbourne. CILOYALTY forms part of the cievents family, a global strategic event management agency for the corporate market with offices in 10 countries including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa and New Zealand.

CILOYALTY is a specialised team of professional behaviour shapers, who believe that loyalty should be rewarded. Recognising that every client is unique, every program CILOYALTY creates is individually tailored to connect with a specific audience, examples can be found here.

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