Saturday, 4 February 2017

Unleash your inner cowboy at one of the many dude ranches in Texas

Cowboys are alive and well in Texas. So are the dreams of climbing into the saddle and riding off into the sunset like your childhood heroes. For an authentic cowboy experience, head out to one of the many guest and working dude ranches. Or take in a rodeo and watch the real deal do their best to stay in their saddles.
Horseback Riding

You don't have to be driving cattle to go horseback riding in Texas. In addition to the ranches, several state parks offer guided trail rides for all levels of experience. There's even horseback riding along some beaches. Whether or not you want to call out "Yippee–ki–yay" is up to you.Stock Shows

Texas live stock shows and fairs are a great way to experience the sights, sounds – and spirit –of our long tradition of horse and cattle showmanship. It's also where you'll find many of our most popular rodeos.Western History

Whenever you feel like taking a step back in time, you can pretty much turn left or right and find a museum, attraction or landmark illustrating our rich Old West heritage. You might even learn a couple of things too, partner. What do you know about chuck wagon cooking, cowboy poetry events and western music? Very little, you say? Well then, Texas is the place for you.

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